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What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation in Your 40s

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Is 40 too late for breast augmentation? Definitely not. You’re still young, healthy, and beautiful. In fact, breast augmentation in your 40s is an excellent way to rejuvenate and restore your body after aging, weight loss, or pregnancy. This guide will help you prepare for your breast augmentation in your 40s. But don’t stop reading if you’re younger or older. Many of these tips apply to patients of any age.

The Benefits of Breast Augmentation in Your 40s

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgical cosmetic procedures for women in their 40s. In 2015, it accounted for about 29% of all cosmetic surgical procedures for women in this age range. There are many reasons to consider the procedure in your 40s, including:

  • Restore and Rejuvenate: If age, pregnancy, and weight loss have taken a toll on your body, breast augmentation can help you get a youthful breast appearance back.
  • Lift and Increase Size: Many women in their 40s need a breast lift. If you’re already getting breast surgery, think about increasing your breast size too. Adding breast augmentation to a breast lift doesn’t dramatically change your recovery timeline.
  • Likely Finished Bearing Children: Most women are finished bearing children in their 40s. Breast augmentation can restore your breasts to a pre-pregnancy appearance, and since you won’t be pregnant again, you’re unlikely to experience significant changes to your breasts in the future.

Tips for a Successful Breast Augmentation in Your 40s

Get your best breasts ever at 45 with a breast augmentation. Many women assume that once they are out of their 20s, their breasts have already seen their best days. With breast augmentation, you may find that your breasts are better than ever in your 40s. Here are some tips for success.

  • You May Need a Mammogram: We may recommend a mammogram before your breast augmentation. This allows us to catch any problems before surgery and get a good baseline of your breast appearance for future reference.
  • Keep Up on Breast Checks: After your breast augmentation, check your breasts. Breast self-exams are important for all women, even those with implants. You’ll still need regular self-exams, yearly checks by your doctor, and mammograms as needed.
  • Plan on a Breast Lift: Most women in their 40s will need a breast lift, especially if they’ve had children. This can be performed at the same time as your breast augmentation. Some women will require additional incisions, depending on the degree of sagging.
  • Change It Up: If you already have breast implants, you may want to get an implant exchange in your 40s. You don’t need to swap implants unless there is a problem, but many women choose new implants to change breast size or to upgrade to newer, modern implants.

For breast augmentation at any age, come into CARE Plastic Surgery. Call and schedule your consultation today.

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