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Perhaps you have grown tired of having implants that are too large for your frame. Perhaps after progressing through years of pregnancy and breastfeeding your implants no longer lend the correct volume or shape that you want. It could be that you have a ruptured implant that needs to be replaced or you just want a different size.

What is Breast Implant Exchange Surgery?

Breast implant exchange surgery is an operation done under general anesthesia to remove an existing implant and replace it with a new implant. Commonly both implants are changed for the best match. It is not uncommon to do this in conjunction with a breast lift, which helps reshape the breast mound and elevate a drooping nipple.

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" Everyone here at Care plastic surgery are completely amazing people. They all made me feel very comfortable and safe in their hands. Dr. Coan is an amazing surgeon and does his absolute best to make sure you leave here looking and feeling amazing. -Mary John " - Compassionate Doctor

Why Choose CARE Plastic Surgery for your Breast Implant Removal or Breast Implant Exchange Surgery?

Dr. Coan is an expert in breast surgery. He will examine you and discuss your options – whether is it bigger, smaller, more uplifted or just better!  Come see us at CARE and find out what is possible.


Can you get your breast implants removed?

Yes, patients can choose to have an implant removal. Patients may choose this option for several reasons, such as implant complications or aesthetic preferences. A patient may choose to have a subsequent implant replacement or fat grafting to the breasts.

Can breast implants last a lifetime?

Today’s technology allows silicone breast implants to be considered the gold standard of implants for many reasons, including their longevity and durability. Many surgeons and patients have found that silicone implants can last decades. Depending on the time of breast augmentation, a patient may not need another surgery in their lifetime.

Do breast implants sag over time?

While implants do not directly cause breasts to sag over time, a breast will continue to age throughout life as it would even without an implant.

How do I prepare for breast implant removal?

We recommend selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your breast implant removal procedure. Additionally, it is helpful to have access to any previous medical records from your previous breast surgeries, as well as information on your current implants. This will help your surgeon develop the best surgical plan for you and your aesthetic goals.

How much does it cost to have breast implants removed?

Breast implant removal and/or revision surgery can vary in price depending on the patient. These surgeries can involve an array of techniques, including breast lift (mastopexy) or implant exchange.

How often should breast implants be checked?

The best way to evaluate the integrity of a silicone implant is through an MRI. This is the only way to confirm a leak or rupture in a silicone implant. The FDA recommends patients receive their first MRI at 5-6 years after surgery, and every 2-3 years thereafter.

What happens if breast implants are not replaced?

Implants are not like tires that require routine rotation over the course of a lifetime. We recommend following routine MRI screening to monitor the integrity of your implants. If there is a suspected leak or rupture, we recommend an implant exchange or removal soon after.

What is implant bottoming?

“Bottoming out” refers to a term given to implant displacement where the implant drops below the inframammary fold, or the crease underneath the breast. This can occur for various reasons, including excessive release of the fold during surgery or a patient’s overall collagen, skin, and tissue quality.

When should you have breast implants replaced?

Some people may mistakenly compare implants to car tires, believing that they need to be “rotated” or changed periodically. Reasons that may warrant a breast implant exchange include a leak/rupture, severe capsular contracture, or change in aesthetic desires. While the Allergan implant warranty covers any leaks for 10 years, implants are designed to be long-lasting with today’s advancements. It is common for many patients to enjoy their implants for 15-20 years or more with proper maintenance. However, patients may decide to replace their implants for many reasons, as stated above. Because implants are not “anti-gravity” devices, a patient’s breasts may change due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or hormonal changes.

Are breast implants hard to remove?

Breast implant removal surgery can be relatively straightforward, but they can also require additional surgical techniques. Each scenario is patient-dependent and can vary based on type of implant, age of implant, and amount of scar tissue surrounding the implant.

How long does implant removal take?

The procedure itself can vary in length of time depending on the degree of revision work that is necessary.

Does insurance cover breast implant removal?

At CARE Plastic Surgery, we are considered out-of-network with all insurance companies. Oftentimes, patients may have implants under a warranty in which the implant manufacturer pays towards replacement implants and/or the cost of surgery. Every warranty is different and has various contingencies.

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