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DEKA SmartXide
Tetra CO2 Laser Therapy

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This exciting new laser technology can rejuvenate the superficial and deep layers of the skin and improve its quality without anesthesia and with minimal downtime. By combining ablative and non-ablative laser technology, which can be used alone or in combination, the Helix CO2 Laser offers incredibly customizable treatment options.

  • Deep dermal rejuvenation
  • Collagen remodeling and stimulation
  • Faster recovery and less pain than traditional CO2 lasers
  • No need for general anesthesia, as seen with other CO2 lasers
  • Ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing is designed for faster results with fewer side effects
  • Highly customizable

What is CO2 Laser Therapy?

The Helix CO2 Laser uses ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing technology powered by 70 watts of energy. This laser targets acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots, sun spots, and more. It utilizes an innovative “spray” mode that minimizes pattern overlap while maximizing overall speed of treatment time. The exclusive addition of Pulse Shape Design (PSD™) offers full control of CO2 duration, energy, and pulse shapes, including H-Pulse and DEKA-pulse. Making the treatment even more personalized and precise, there are various scanning patterns, modes, shapes, and sizes up to 20mm x 20mm.

Am I A Candidate for CO2 Laser Therapy?

The Helix CO2 laser is a great rejuvenating option for treating photodamage and a wide variety of other related skin concerns. Some of the most common skin concerns that Helix CO2 laser therapy can effectively treat include:
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Acne scars
• Sun spots and photodamage
• Visible and enlarged pores
• Textural concerns
• Hyperpigmentation

The biggest benefit of the Helix CO2 laser is that there is less pain and less downtime than many other laser treatments. There is no need for anesthesia unlike all other CO2 laser therapies. It can also be used on sensitive areas of the body like the neck, hands, eyelids, and mouth. If you’re looking for the most potent way to rejuvenate your skin without extended downtime, then Helix CO2 laser therapy may be for you.

How Does CO2 Laser Therapy Work?

The Helix CO2 laser is unique in that it has three settings allowing you to use the ablative, non-ablative, or both technologies. By combining both technologies, you can experience incredible results with faster healing. With Fusion treatment, the Helix device leverages the CO2 and 1570nm skin tightening capabilities with a unique blending pattern that is only deliverable with the Helix device. The high customizability of the device makes it a safe treatment for those with light or dark skin.

How is CO2 Laser Therapy Performed?

All treatments begin with a consultation with Dr. Coan. It is here that a personalized treatment plan will be developed for you. Depending on the specifics of your treatment, your session can take anywhere from 15-60 minutes. A topical anesthetic will first be applied to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Next, your provider uses the CO2 laser to emit focused light energy that vaporizes the outer layers of damaged skin, stimulating collagen production and promoting the growth of new, healthy skin. The depth and intensity of the laser are carefully controlled based on the patient’s skin type and the specific concerns being addressed. We also utilize a Zimmer chiller which helps to cool the skin during the treatment to provide additional comfort. Once all areas have been treated, our team will provide the recommended aftercare immediately post treatment. We will also discuss your at-home instructions.

What Can I Expect After Helix CO2 Laser Therapy?

Helix CO2 treatment recovery can vary from person to person, depending on the specifics of their treatment. On a mild setting, patients may experience slight redness (similar to a sunburn) for the first day, but this can be easily managed with cool compresses. It’s important to keep the area moisturized with a gentle, unscented moisturizer, such as Aquaphor or Vaseline. More intense treatment can sometimes require a recovery of up to 2 weeks. Our expert team will cover all aftercare instructions in-depth with you before and after your treatment. We recommend that patients minimize sun exposure immediately post-treatment, and we recommend utilizing SPF 30+ once the skin is healed. The skin will feel rough and dry at first but will eventually slough, revealing healthy and smooth skin underneath. You’ll see almost immediate results with Helix CO2 laser therapy but your skin will continue to improve in overall quality, appearance, and texture over the next two months. The procedure can be repeated as early as 6 weeks, but most patients wait around two or three months for their next treatment.

Scheduling Your Consultation at Care Plastic Surgery

Helix CO2 laser therapy is a fast and effective way to transform your skin at its deepest levels. To schedule a consultation at our office, we invite you to contact us to discuss the best options. Give us a call at (919)-484-4884 or fill out our online form to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DEKA SMARTXIDE TETRA CO2 laser therapy?

DEKA is a fully customizable CO2 laser treatment performed by our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Coan. The DEKA CO2 laser can help address signs of aging such as wrinkles, sun damage, uneven texture, and age spots to help achieve brighter and smoother skin.

How does CO2 laser therapy work for skin treatments?

The DEKA CO2 laser delivers energy through the epidermis to resurface deep facial lines and wrinkles. It also helps stimulate the production of new collagen.

What skin conditions can be treated with DEKA SMARTXIDE TETRA CO2 laser?

The DEKA CO2 laser can be used to address a variety of skin conditions, including sun damage, age spots, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, superficial acne scarring, and uneven or dull skin.

Is DEKA CO2 laser therapy painful?

Most patients find the DEKA CO2 laser treatment very tolerable after 30 minutes of topical numbing. After treatment, patients experience tightness and redness. Some patients even describe the feeling as an intense sunburn.

How many sessions are typically required for optimal results with CO2 laser therapy?

The number of DEKA treatments recommended varies by the patient depending on current skin quality and aesthetic goals. It is recommended to schedule a consultation with one of our providers to create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic desires.

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