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The biggest development in Plastic Surgery in the last few years is the addition of fat grafting to our procedures. “Fat grafting” literally means taking fat from unwanted parts of your body with a liposuction cannula, processing that fat, and reinjecting it to areas of your body we are improving. Fat injections have varied uses such as to create fuller lips, to level out depressed scars, fill out areas of excess fat removal from previous liposuction, or to minimize facial aging creases. They can be very helpful to reverse some of the signs of aging, creating a more refreshed, rested appearance. Fat can also be used as a filler material to help provide fullness, enlarge a structure, or to correct contour irregularities.

Because fat is your own living tissue, there are great advantages. No fillers or foreign bodies (like implants) are required. Once the fat survives it is there forever. But because it is living tissue, not all of it will survive and there is often a need for a few treatments in order to obtain the most desirable and permanent results.

Dr. Coan is an expert in fat grafting.  For additional information call the CARE Plastic Surgery office at 919.484.4884 and schedule a consultation.

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