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I can see why they call it “CARE,” because they really do. From the person I spoke with on the phone, to the doctors and the nurses–everyone was incredibly helpful.

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Which Type of Juvéderm is Best for Each Facial Area?

Juvéderm offers several variations in its hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. These various products are each suited to unique purposes and areas of the face. This is why it is important to see an experienced and educated injector. Continue reading to learn more about the best type of Juvéderm for each area of the face.   […] - Read More >>

Why Should you Combine your Skincare Treatments?

If you are interested in skincare, you have probably heard of, or even visited, a medspa before. Medspas offer nonsurgical aesthetic services under the supervision of a licensed physician. There are many different medical aesthetic treatments to choose from today, and some can even be combined to boost your results! Read on to learn more […] - Read More >>

Our Med Spa: Injectables

Injectable products like Botox and Juvéderm have become household names, and nearly everyone knows someone who has tried them before. If you are curious about trying injectables for yourself, you probably have some common questions about the products and procedure. Here are some of the basics behind injectables. How Do Injectables Work? There are two […] - Read More >>

Juvederm: Cost, Side Effects, and What to Expect

Injectables are an incredibly popular way to achieve subtle yet noticeable enhancements to your appearance without the need for invasive surgery. Among the most-often requested treatments at CARE Plastic Surgery is Juvederm injections for correcting moderate to severe nasolabial lines. Dr. Coan always appreciates when patients are well-informed prior to non-surgical treatments, so we want […] - Read More >>

Sizzle This Summer – Our Favorite Fillers and Non-Invasive Rejuvenation Options

Put your best face forward this summer with a little help from Dr. Coan and CARE Plastic Surgery. We offer a variety of non-invasive/non-surgical treatments clinically proven to soften fine lines, restore lost volume and give a softer, more subtle look to what you show off to the world first — your face.  Often times […] - Read More >>

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