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Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that involves placing a breast implant above or under the pectoral muscle to contour the breast. This is known as sub glandular placement or submuscular placement. Breast augmentation is an effective procedure that we perform at Care Plastic Surgery to increase the volume of the breast and replace volume that is lost during weight loss or breastfeeding. This procedure also makes the breasts symmetrical if they have different shapes and sizes. Many women opt for this surgery because they wish to get a desired look to their breasts which helps them feel more confident. 

Saline vs. silicone implants

All breast implants are made of a shell, which is made from silicone that is an inert polymer. This shell is usually either textured or smooth. Textured breast implants usually keep the implant stiff and in place. Smooth surfaced breast implants mimic the movement of natural breasts because of their subtle movements. When it comes to breast augmentation, Dr. Brian Coan does not use a one size fits all approach. This is because breast implants come in a variety of fill volumes, base widths, and projection amounts. Dr. Brian Coan carefully selects each breast implant to match the breasts of the patient and achieve the goals of the client.

Difference between saline and silicone implants

Silicone gel

This is an inert polymer that does not cause any allergies or sensitivities to its patients. The molecules of silicone gel are stuck together in a cohesive manner. Silicone gel has a higher viscosity than saline, making it flow differently. Its flow provides a more natural look and feel to the breast. The FDA requires a patient to be above the age of 22 to get a silicone gel implant.


Patients above the age of eighteen can use saline implants. Saline implants are silicone shelled implants that are filled with a saline solution. Care Plastic Surgery performs this procedure by inserting a silicone shell into the patient’s breast and filling it with saline solution to the desired volume. Saline has less viscosity. In areas where the skin is thin, it is common to feel folds of the saline implant, this is known as wrinkling.

How breast implants have changed over the years

The first creation of silicone gel implants was in the 1960s, and they have revolutionized over the years, thanks to technology. In the 1990s, saline implants were introduced as an alternative to silicone gel implants. Over the last two decades, a lot of significant changes and advances have occurred on silicone implants. The current silicone implants used have a fill of 96% while the previous had a fill of 85%.

How safe are breast implants?

Here at Care Plastic Surgery, we use breast implants that are approved by the FDA and meet their regulations. This makes them safe to use on any patient. Through decades of research, clinical trials, and patient use, breast implants have been proven safe. Dr. Brian Coan is a board certified plastic surgeon, therefore provides safe breast augmentation procedures that improve and enhance the appearance of the patients. To learn more about breast implants at Care Plastic Surgery, schedule a consultation.

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