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Which Breast Implant Shape is Best for You?

Which Breast Implant Shape is Best for You?

A major consideration if you’ve decided to get breast implants is which breast implant shape is best for you. Do you want a round shape or a more natural teardrop shape? Not only this, should it be textured, smooth, filled with saline or silicone, or the newer “gummy bear” type? How can you tell which breast implant shape is best for you? Whatever shape you choose, you’ll need to talk to your plastic surgeon about your options. 

Things to Consider 

Your body type is probably the most important thing to consider when it comes to the shape of a breast implant. This is why many plastic surgeons will have you put on a special bra called an implant sizer during the consultation. Implant sizers come in different shapes and sizes. They let you know what your body will probably look like if you choose one or another type of breast implant

Another thing to consider is how the implant is placed and what incisions are used to place it. Your plastic surgeon can choose several ways to place an implant. The implant can be planted under the chest muscles or on top of it. The incision can be in your armpit, along the crease of your breast, around your nipple, and even in your belly button. During this procedure, the doctor tunnels a deflated implant up into your chest and then fills it. 

Other things to consider are if you plan on becoming pregnant in the future and if you plan to breastfeed

Which Breast Implant Shape is Best For You? 

If you opt for a round breast implant, you will have breasts that are more spherical. These are the most common types of implants, and they are often chosen by women to correct breasts that sag. 

Teardrop implants are more full at the bottom and more closely recreate the look of natural breasts. They are sometimes a bit more expensive than round breast implants. 

All breast implants have a silicone shell, but they can be filled with saline, or salt water solution. They can also be filled with silicone. Silicone is a gel that feels more like a natural breast. The cohesive silicone implant, sometimes called the gummy bear implant, is also made out of silicone, except the gel is thicker to allow your implants to better retain their shape. They are found in tear-shaped implants and are also known as form-stable implants. 

Implants can be textured or smooth. Textured implants are stabilized by the scar tissue that’s caused by the operation. Smooth implants feel soft, and they move in response to how you move. This makes them feel more natural. 

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There are a lot of things to consider when choosing your implants, so it’s important to choose a board certified plastic surgeon whom you trust. During a consultation, you can discuss your preferences and goals for breast augmentation and your plastic surgeon can guide you to the right implants. To schedule a consultation at our Cary office, contact us by calling or filling out our online form.

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