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Scared of Scars? Five Expert Tips for Recovering Post-Breast Surgery

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We tend to think of our breasts as one of the most alluring, sensitive parts of ourselves. That’s why the thought of having distracting scars might make you think twice about getting a breast enhancement procedure. Scars can be potentially unsightly, and it’s positively anxiety-inducing to think about having to hide them from intimate partners. However, prominent scars are not inevitabilities of breast enhancement. What will ultimately decide how your breast heals will be a healthy and smart recovery period. If you’re scared of scars, here are some tips on how to be proactive and reduce the appearance of scars.

Take It Easy

It’s in your best interest to reduce tension in your life, and we mean that mentally and physically. Get someone to help you around the house during the first few days of your recovery. You might not be physically capable of doing your chores, but more importantly, adding any kind of tension or force to your incisions can make them more likely to heal wrong and scar. Remember, during the first week of your recovery, you shouldn’t lift anything heavier than a milk jug.

Quit It!

Unfortunately, smoking can affect even your breast enhancement scars. Nicotine in the blood can prevent proper amounts of blood from reaching your wounds and preventing them from healing correctly, possibly even increasing the risk of tissue death. That’s why many surgeons recommend no smoking two weeks before and two weeks after the surgery.

Avoid UV

It’s imperative that you stay away from as much sun exposure as possible during your recovery. Sun exposure can darken any healing wounds, while excessive heat can increase swelling and bleeding. Tender and swollen tissue are also more likely to get sunburned. Most patients (we hope) aren’t directly exposing their recovering breasts to the sun, but remember that UV rays can penetrate clothing.

Shell Out on Sheeting

Silicone gel sheeting is one of the most efficient products used for reducing scarring. It’s pretty simple. By adding pressure and flattening the incision, the sheeting prevents scarring. You can start wearing them a few weeks into the recovery for a few hours a day.

Cortisone Cream and Vitamin E

Cortisone cream can be topically applied, and it’s great for softening scars. The same goes for another supplement commonly used for breast enhancement recovery, vitamin E. Ask your surgeon for the proper dosage.


Massaging the areas around your incisions, once it’s comfortable to do so, is a great way to increase the circulation of blood to the area and prevent obvious scarring from appearing.

With the right tools for the job and the right routine, you can heal from breast enhancement scar-free. Contact CARE Plastic Surgery now to get the best results for your breast enhancement.

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