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Insurance Turned You Down? Come to CARE Plastic Surgery and Do it on Your Own

With A Warm, Caring Staff and Stunningly Natural Results,
Our Approach to Surgery is Anything but Plastic

Working with insurance companies can be a hassle. You need something done, but it can feel like climbing Mt. Everest getting the approvals you need to go ahead with surgery. If your insurance company has turned you down for a procedure, come see us. We have helped many patients finance a procedure on their own. If insurance won’t pay, that doesn’t mean you can’t have the procedures you need. Call us today!

Breast Reduction Is Possible Without Insurance

Insurance will sometimes cover the cost, or at least part, of a breast reduction surgery. Unfortunately, getting approval can be time-consuming and difficult. Typically, a patient will need to have medical problems, like rashes or back pain, as a result of their large breasts. Additionally, many insurance companies require that non-surgical treatments be explored first. You may need to try chiropractic care, physical therapy, and even prescription pain medications before getting approval for a breast reduction.

If you’re tired of jumping through hoops and want real relief from back and neck pain caused by large breasts, come see us. You can have breast reduction surgery without using your insurance. Patients that have paid for the procedure themselves often feel it is an investment in their health. They get to enjoy the benefits of surgery sooner and get to choose what treatment options are right for them. You are in control of your body at CARE Plastic Surgery.

Paying for Plastic Surgery Yourself- What Are Your Options?

Insurance may cover the cost of some reconstructive procedures if they are medically necessary, but your coverage can vary extensively depending on your provider. If you’re considering breast reduction, breast reconstruction, blepharoplasty, or ear reconstruction, check with your insurance company and see if you have coverage. If your insurance company won’t pay for your procedure, come see us anyway. We are committed to making plastic surgery accessible and affordable. There are many different ways to pay for plastic surgery, and we’ll help you find the right financing option so you can receive the care you need.

  • Comprehensive Quotes: When you’re paying for a procedure yourself, you don’t want any surprises. We provide a comprehensive quote that includes estimated time in the operating room, fees, and even supplies like compression garments and implants. We want you to know what you’re going to pay before your procedure.
  • Instant Online Approval: You can apply for financing online and receive instant approval. We work with multiple financing companies and are happy to explain your options to you. Call us today at 919-484-4884 to learn more.

Don’t let your insurance company decide if plastic surgery is right for you. We can help you make it happen on your own, even if your insurance company won’t pay. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Coan today.

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