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First Steps of Breast Augmentation

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Deciding to get a breast augmentation procedure is probably going to be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Before you start your journey into getting breast augmentation, you need to do an immense amount of planning. After all, you want your breast augmentation to go as smoothly as possible. A great surgeon like Dr. Coan can guide you throughout the process, but there are a few basic steps you can take to get started.


Being informed is a hallmark of a patient who wants to be an active participant in their breast augmentation journey. Dr. Coan believes it’s a priority to educate his patients as much as possible about breast augmentation. That’s why CARE Plastic Surgery has a wealth of information on the breast augmentation procedure, different types of implants, and more information on breast enhancement.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is also an amazing resource for breast augmentation. At their site, you can find information on patient safety, blogs, advice on how to prepare for surgery, and more.

Questions to ask

While you dig throughout the internet for information, remember to look for:

  • What makes a great surgeon?
  • Techniques: what kinds of placements and incisions are done?
  • Different kinds of implants and which surgeons provide what kind
  • Risks, costs, and recovery

Finding a great surgeon

Remember to never choose a surgeon because of cost; if you go with a cheaper option, you might end up spending even more money getting a breast augmentation revision because of shoddy work. Here are some good indications of a great plastic surgeon:

  • Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery® (ABPS)
  • Specially trained in plastic surgery
  • Completes a lot of breast augmentations every year
  • Accredited surgical facility
  • Hospital privileges
  • Great online reviews


Your consultation is a great opportunity to connect with your surgeon and truly discuss options for your surgery. Although it’s important to get an experienced surgeon, it’s also essential that you find one that you have a good rapport with. The more a surgeon is willing to listen to you, the more likely you’ll get the breast implants you really desire. A typical breast augmentation  consultation should have these elements in them:

  • Discussing your health history and the medications you take
  • Examining your breasts
  • Discussing different techniques
  • Explaining the risks of the procedures
  • Talking about financing

Feel like you’re ready to start your breast augmentation journey? Contact CARE Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Coan.

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