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What Does Breast Implant “Profile” Mean?

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Breast implants are so diverse that they can offer an amazing level of customization for breast enhancement. The different types, sizes, and configurations for breast implants can impart special characteristics to your new breasts. One key characteristic is the “breast profile.” So, what is a breast implant “profile” and how does it affect your results?

The Third Dimension

Usually, when speaking of implants, there are three general dimensions that implants are measured by: diameter, profile, and volume. Diameter is how wide the implant is, the volume is the amount of filling inside the implant, and the profile is the degree the implants project from the chest. Think of it this way: the higher the profile, the more distance there is between the tip of the implant and the chest wall.

Low Profile

Because there’s less projection, low-profile implants tend to be wider, so they’re perfect for women with wide chest widths and larger breast diameters. Because they’re wider and have a lower projection, low-profile implants are great for women who want to create volume and contour in their cleavage and the upper part of their breasts.

Moderate Profile

The moderate-profile implant is often the solution for the Goldilocks dilemma, because, for a lot of women, these implants are just right. Moderate profile implants are considered “universally flattering” because they have the proportions that best fit the average woman. When compared to low and high-profile implants, they have the most natural look.

High Profile

If you’re a fan of dramatic effects, a high or ultra-high profile might be for you. High-profile implants are perfect for a pointier, rounder, and more contoured look that women often seek for breast implants. They’re also perfect for smaller women (who tend to have narrow chest widths) because if they get implants with too wide of a diameter, they run the risk of their breasts squeezing together in the middle or falling off to the side. Having a higher profile implant can also benefit smaller women who want the aesthetic effects of larger, dramatic implants while having implants with diameters narrow enough to fit naturally in their chest.

Schedule A Consultation

There are so many factors that can affect how your breast enhancement is going to look. Although increasing breast volume overall is the name of the game, the most important aspect of picking the right implants is making sure they look proportional to your body and that can start with picking the right profile. Having a highly-trained, compassionate plastic surgeon like Dr. Coan help you out can’t hurt either, so remember to contact CARE Plastic Surgery for a consultation today.

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