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Few things are more satisfying than hitting your goal weight after all that hard work. Unfortunately, skin and leftover fat pockets don’t always accommodate your new body. Despite the number on the scale, it’s common to be left with sagging and looseness that previously accommodated fatty tissue. To put the finishing touches on your best figure, we offer a selection of procedures designed to lift and tighten your new contours for a body that does your motivation justice. At our Cary office, Dr. Coan can create the ideal post-weight loss suite using the following optimized procedures:

Meet Kathleen and Tevante

Two very different stories, one similar journey.

When Kathleen and Tevante came to CARE they were excited to share the highly personal stories of their weight loss journeys.  Click below to learn their stories in their own words about why they are raving fans of CARE Plastic Surgery and Dr. Brian Coan.

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