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Breast Lift After Weight Loss

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When you dropped that weight, you probably dreamed of a flatter belly. What you didn’t realize was that you’d get flatter breasts too. If you’ve lost breast volume or developed sagging after weight loss, come see us. A breast lift (mastopexy) may be just what you need to restore fullness and perkiness to your breasts. You’ve worked hard to lose weight and deserve to love your body. Call us today!

Why Do Breasts Shrink After Weight Loss?

Breasts are comprised of primarily glandular tissue and fatty tissue. When you lose weight, the quantity of fatty tissue can decrease, leading to a smaller breast size. In some women, this change is minimal due to a higher percentage of glandular tissue. In other women, these changes can be substantial, causing a noticeable difference in the size, shape, and appearance of the breasts.

Will weight loss affect your breasts? It is hard to tell as results vary widely from woman to woman. If you’ve lost or gained breast tissue in the past from weight loss/gain, odds are it will happen again.

Do I Need a Breast Lift?

If you have breast sagging, you probably need a breast lift. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Coan to find out. Here are a few signs that you may need a lift.

• Downward-pointing nipples
• Nipple/areola below the breast crease

A breast lift does not change breast size. If you’re happy with your size when you’re wearing a bra but want to reshape the breasts, this procedure is likely a good fit.

If you want to increase size, you may need to add breast augmentation. These two surgeries can be paired together to enhance breast shape, eliminate sagging, and increase size with just one operation.

Am I Ready for My Breast Lift After Weight Loss?

Timing is important if you’re thinking about a breast lift after weight loss. Schedule your consultation, and we’ll help you determine if the time is right. The following questions can help you decide:

• Are You at a Stable Weight?: If your breasts increase/decrease in size as your weight fluctuates, they will likely continue to do so throughout your life. It is a good idea to wait for your breast lift until you’re at a stable weight. Losing and gaining weight can undo your breast lift results.
• Have You Hit Your Goal Weight?: Wait until you’re at your goal weight, or very close to it, before scheduling your surgery. We know it can be difficult to lose those final pounds, but you’ll be glad you waited when your breast lift results last longer.
• Are You Planning Future Pregnancies?: Pregnancy can dramatically change the breasts. Wait to schedule your breast lift until you’ve finished bearing children. Future pregnancies can cause sagging to reoccur. Breastfeeding can also be more difficult after a breast lift.

If sagging breasts are keeping you from truly enjoying your weight loss results, come see us. Call today and ask about a breast lift.

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