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Injectable products like Botox and Juvéderm have become household names, and nearly everyone knows someone who has tried them before. If you are curious about trying injectables for yourself, you probably have some common questions about the products and procedures. Here are some of the basics behind injectables.

How Do Injectables Work?

There are two basic types of injectables: neuromodulators and dermal fillers. These products work in different ways to reduce wrinkles or non-surgically alter the contours of the face.

Neuromodulators include products like Botox. These use botulinum toxin as their active ingredient and work by temporarily paralyzing muscles within the face to smooth dynamic wrinkles. By carefully injecting Botox, facial expressions like squinting or frowning that cause wrinkles can be softened, which diminishes existing lines and prevents wrinkles from worsening.

Dermal fillers include Juvéderm and similar products, which primarily use hyaluronic acid to add volume to the face. This can create a more youthful look by restoring lost volume or augmenting areas like the lips, cheeks, or chin.

What is the Injection Procedure Like?

After a consultation, the injection procedure can be completed quickly. First, the skin is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected. Then, a local anesthetic can be given, depending on the product. Some types of injectables include lidocaine within their formula, making topical anesthetics unnecessary. The skin will then be marked for the appropriate injection sites and, finally, injections can be completed. On average, this should take no longer than 15-30 minutes (depending on the number of injections you receive) to complete the desired results.

Benefits of Injectables

Injectables have several benefits. First, as an outpatient procedure with no downtime, they are much more convenient than surgical options for many patients. Injectables are also effective in reducing signs of aging and offer long-lasting results. Some types of fillers, for example, can last for a year or more. On the other hand, because results are not permanent, this allows patients to try a procedure without worrying about making permanent changes that may not suit their changing tastes. Finally, injectables complement other medspa procedures, such as chemical peels or laser treatments, for a more complete rejuvenating effect.

Risks of Injectables

While injectables are remarkably safe, there are some risks that patients should be aware of. Minor side effects including swelling, discomfort, bruising, or bleeding are all possible but typically resolve quickly. Improper injection techniques can lead to poor results, pain, or blood vessel occlusion, so it is important to choose a qualified and experienced provider. Finally, there is some risk of an allergic reaction, so make sure to discuss any health conditions or allergies with your injector during a consultation.

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