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Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation can be accomplished in many ways. Noticeable differences can be obtained with:

  1. Filler injection. In the office, Voluma, a hyaluronic acid filler made from long chains of sugars that occur naturally in the skin, can be injected and nicely augment the chin. Voluma injection contains lidocaine as part of the filler so the experience can be pleasant. One can expect the augmentation to last as long as a year.
  2. Fat injection. In the operating room, under a local anesthesia, your own fat can be harvested and processed and reinjected into your chin area to augment the chin. Rates of permanent “take” of the fat are 50 to 80%. Once the cells have survived, they are permanent (they are your cells!).
  3. Chin implants. Synthetic implants (made of silicone, goretex, or porous polyethylene) can be placed surgically on top of the chin bone and nicely augment the chin. These are placed via an incision under the chin or through the mouth. Since they are deep to the skin they can nicely augment the chin more effectively and permanently when compared to injectables and fat. They do require a larger surgical procedure and longer recovery. These are often added to procedures such as rhinoplasty(nosejob) and facelift to enhance the change to a more youthful or aesthetic profile.
  4. Bone surgery (osseus genioplasty). This is the most invasive surgery to enhance the chin and involves cutting the bone and advancing it to augment the chin. The bone, which is still alive, is then secured in position with titanium plates and screws. The area heals naturally like a fracture. Since osseous genioplasty involves more surgery, there is more brusing and a longer recovery. However, it can give the greatest augmentation of the chin not possible with the other techniques.

Interested in chin augmentation and not sure which of these techniques is best for you? Please call CARE Plastic Surgery at (919) 484-4884 to schedule your consultation. Dr. Coan is an expert in chin augmentation and can evaluate you and come up with a individualized plan to fit your needs.

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