New Year, New You! Why 2017 Is Your Year for Breast Surgery

Can you believe it’s February? Although we’re already a month in, the year is just beginning, and the best time for you to get breast enhancement is now, while the year is still young and fresh. What better time is there to reinvent yourself than at the start of a new year? Now you can… Read More »

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Should I Wait Until After Kids to Get Implants?

Timing is everything, and that’s especially true for breast augmentation. Your breast augmentation should happen at the right time for you. Are you thinking about getting pregnant? Just finished having kids?  In between?  Here are some things to think about. What Do Kids Have to Do with It? Pregnancy and breast feeding can cause the… Read More »

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Why “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants Are the New Craze

As a leading breast augmentation surgical center in the Southeast, CARE Plastic Surgery is consistently on the cutting edge of breast augmentation surgery and innovative surgical methods to add volume to the breasts.  We often field questions on silicone, saline and “gummy bear” breast implants, (or the anatomically-shaped breast implants). One of the latest developments… Read More »

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Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Guide

Recovery is often the most asked about part of the breast augmentation procedure process. Knowing what to expect throughout your surgical journey may help you feel more prepared and confident with moving forward with the procedure. Here’s what most of our rapid recovery breast augmentation patients may expect over the course of breast enlargement surgical… Read More »

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