Advantages of the Gummy Bear Implant

Saline or silicone or gummy bear? There’s a new type of breast implant available and its shaking up the breast augmentation industry. If you haven’t heard of these implants, you’re not alone. Although they’ve been FDA-approved for breast augmentation since 2013, many women haven’t heard of them. We are excited to offer these implants to… Read More »

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Breast Lift and Breast Implants: Is This Two-Part Procedure for Me?

Our breasts can change in so many ways over time: sagging, loss of volume, even flattening. Sometimes it seems like there’s not enough procedures to get them back the way they were, but by combining a couple of key procedures, it’s possible for you to get maximum breast rejuvenation all in one step. One such… Read More »

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Can I Get Financing for My Breast Surgery?

Are you dreaming of bigger breasts, but a little short on cash? Some patients save up until they can afford to pay for their breast surgery in full, but if you don’t want to wait, you don’t have to. There are financing options available for your breast surgery at CARE Plastic Surgery. Learn a little… Read More »

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CARE Plastic Surgery Voted Best of Durham, AGAIN!

The people of North Carolina have spoken—and CARE Plastic Surgery has once again been voted the best cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Durham! The honor was bestowed by Durham Magazine readers in their yearly Best of Durham Issue. This isn’t the first time that CARE Plastic Surgery has dominated the award—amazingly, this is CARE Plastic… Read More »

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CARE Plastic Surgery Voted Durham Magazine’s Platinum Best! 5th Year in a Row!

It’s time for our big and exciting announcement that we’ve had to keep secret for months now. Durham magazine has announced that CARE Plastic Surgery and the office of Dr. Brian Coan won best of Durham in the highest category, AGAIN for our 5th year in a row.  CARE is Durham’s Platinum Best! Thanks to everyone who all… Read More »

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Crisalix 3D Imaging- See Yourself with Plastic Surgery

Stop imagining life with bigger breasts or BOTOX® and see it yourself instead. We offer Crisalix 3D Imaging to our patients, a state-of-the-art imaging system that allows patients to visualize potential plastic surgery results. This special technology is available for breast augmentation procedures and facial procedures like BOTOX®, rhinoplasty, fat injections, and more. What will… Read More »

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Do I Need a Breast Implant Exchange?

Breast implants are low maintenance, but they aren’t no maintenance. At some point, you may need to replace your implants. How do you know when you need an implant exchange? You’re always welcome to come meet with us and we can help you decide if it’s time to swap out your implants. We’ve also put… Read More »

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I Want a Breast Reduction, But I Don’t Want Them to Be Too Small

For the millions of women out there with overly large breasts, life can be incredibly difficult. Imagine the pain of heavy bra straps cutting into the skin, the constant back pain, neck pain, and headaches that are a given for women with too-big breasts. Breast reduction, the plastic surgery procedure that removes excess breast tissue,… Read More »

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Implant Incisions: Can I Choose the Type of Incision

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all kind of breast augmentation. Everything from the size of the implant down to its placement will be done in a way that best suits you—and you’ll be able to call all the shots. Every decision, including the type of incision made, will influence how your new breasts will… Read More »

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Insurance Turned You Down? Come to CARE Plastic Surgery and Do it on Your Own

Working with insurance companies can be a hassle. You need something done, but it can feel like climbing Mt. Everest getting the approvals you need to go ahead with surgery. If your insurance company has turned you down for a procedure, come see us. We have helped many patients to finance a procedure on their… Read More »

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