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Take It Off!

Great post by Sophia Panych on discussing Lady Gaga’s revealing photo.  Kristina and I talk quite a bit about the best way to go make up free because we look and feel substantially younger when we do. The difference is that at CARE we have our secrets for making the most of a clean face that Ms. Panych didn’t appear to be privy to – Insider Tip Alert – the goal should be to appear as though you don’t need to wear make up, not just that you forgot to apply it.  In order to achieve that effortless look we like to pair the ViPeel with an every night application of Latisse. The results are thick, long lashes that stand out without mascara and glowing skin that looks years younger, begs to go without foundation and garners plenty of flattering compliments (and maybe a little jealousy too)!


Our Favorite Things

If you’ve ever called  the office for insurance related information you may have had the opportunity to speak with Natasha, CARE’s thorough and professional Certified Medical Assistant & Breast Reconstruction Coordinator.  But if you’ve ever visited the office and seen Natasha you’d remember what beautiful skin she has.  While she’s always gracious in accepting the myriads of complements about her complexion, she credits Rebecca’s original trade secret – the CARE Pumpkin-Sense Peel + Mask. With all the buzz about the ViPeel recently the lighter, no downtime Pumpkin Peel has received fewer headlines lately, but deserves no fewer accolades.  Plus it smells so good!


Go JLo!

With a wink to ‘E Online’ who posted this pic last week, Jennifer Lopez does look good. Really good. Suspiciously good.  She’s 42,  the mother of 3 year old twins and on top of her game.  A few us here think having a 24 year old boyfriend might have something to do with it, but E credits those abs – her abs that is.  Reclaiming the lean, taut abdomen you had before baby, nevermind before twins, can prove challenging.  We’re not saying she did or didn’t, but Dr. Coan specializes in Mommy Makeovers and while he can’t promise to make you look like JLo, he can work with you to achieve results you’ll love!


Our Favorite Things

With so many preparations and goings on with the arrival of spring, our skin care routine is about to change as we prepare for those long, lazy days at the beach or around the pool with friends.  With the advent of warmer weather and sunshine, we run the risk of damaging the skin that we so lovingly cared for all winter long.  Rebecca, our wonderful certified Medical Aesthetician is an expert on all things skin care and she chooses the Luzern Serum Absolut Clinical Collagen Booster for her Monday staff pick.  With a medical grade combination of hyaluronic acid to retain a critical moisture balance and niacinamide, a highly effective anti inflammatory, Rebecca suggests tossing this chic  silver bottle into your beach or pool bag and reapplying frequently throughout the day.

Jessica Simpson Reminds Us Of Everything We Love About Being Pregnant

“To talk down to a woman in this business? We’re running the world right now, OK? I really wanna hit you across the face…” So said a very pregnant Jessica Simpson to Fashion Star contestant Nicholas Bowes who clearly stepped in it when he suggested that she wasn’t qualified to offer fashion opinions.  Hopefully he learned his lesson – pregnant woman are not to be trifled with! It’s been a high profile month for Simpson who also pulled a Demi Moore and posed nude for the cover of Elle Magazine’s  April issue. In the interview she revealed that she and her fiancé, NFL player Eric Johnson, are expecting a baby girl. Mazel tov! Having been pregnant with a girl myself I can attest to the need for body contouring post pregnancy. Or maybe it was just because it was my first pregnancy and no one told me eating a Big Mac every day might be ill advised.  Either way, Jessica looks beautiful and no doubt will drop the baby weight in true Hollywood fashion – quickly, quietly and almost definitely surgically.  Dr. Coan can help you look great post baby too, no celebrity required. Call us and ask about the “Mommy Makeover” we’re happy to schedule a consultation for you!

Our Favorite Things…Jen’s Pick

I love talking about skin care tricks and tips and I’m lucky enough to get to chat about it with fun, beautiful patients throughout the day.  Inevitably the conversation turns to skin sensitivity and so far not too many people have me beat.  My skin is allergic to nearly everything, particularly fragrances and dyes but I’ll break out from both chemical and certain all natural oils and ingredients too. Therefore, while I love and use the most hypoallergenic products we offer at CARE (read lots of Elta MD) my staff pick for this Monday is my all time favorite product – Botox. Those who know me best know I’ve been committed to my Botox routine for several years, before the first “elevens” showed themselves between my brows and before those radiant fine lines began to spread from the outer corners of my eyes to along the top of the cheekbone.  Yes, I was a preventative Botox user and for that I’m truly glad, it makes staying ahead of my treatments a bit easier. But even if I hadn’t begun early I’d still be a die hard – it’s the single most effective and worth it aspect of my beauty routine.  Of course I would never have anyone other than our own double board certified Dr. Coan administer my injectables – it takes a highly skilled surgeon to produce the best results.  Only a few weeks left to save $200 over your next three treatments of Botox, give me a call and ask me how!

Eat Healthy 90% Of The Time

The fight against anti- aging is always top of mind here at the office and we’d  like to remind you (much like your Mom might) that good nutrition is another great way to keep your body and skin looking young.  Antioxidant rich foods may help fight free radicals and give your body the ammunition it needs to repair, replenish  and replace damaged cells with healthy ones.  At CARE we want to encourage you maintain a balanced diet and eat as many of these power foods as you feel is beneficial EXCEPT for that 1 week before your Juvederm or Sculptra treatment. Did you know that Vitamin E rich foods such as almonds, pine nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, olives, cooked spinach, arugula, broccoli, blueberries, paprika, and red chili powder work with your body on most days but can also allow you to bruise and swell more easily at the injection site?  For the best immediate results with minimal bruising and swelling we recommend you avoid foods high in Vitamin E prior to your injectable treatment, talk with a CARE Patient Care Coordinator for additional pre procedure prep instructions, consult with your doctor regarding your dietary needs and enjoy the benefits of your dermal fillers the day you receive treatment!