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Your Guide to Breast Augmentation in Cary, NC

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There are plenty of reasons to consider getting breast augmentation surgery, but each reason will be unique to you and your goals. That being said, there are a lot of common reasons that women opt for this extremely popular cosmetic surgery option. Here are just three to consider while you schedule your consultation and begin planning your surgery.

Breast Augmentation for Small Breasts

This is perhaps the most traditional reason for breast augmentation— you simply feel like your breasts are small relative to the rest of your figure. Having balanced proportions can do a lot for your confidence, including a better fit for your clothes, a curvier profile, and more substantial cleavage when it comes to certain tops. Fortunately, simply having small breasts means that your breast augmentation procedure is straightforward, and you’ll have lots of options when it comes to achieving the breast size you want from breast implant surgery.

How do I know what size implant will look best with my body type?

Implants are sized differently than traditional bra sizes, so you should rely on your plastic surgeon’s expertise on what size implants will work best with your figure. It can be helpful to bring a picture of your ideal size so your plastic surgeon can find the appropriate implant.

What is the right age to have breast augmentation?

It’s best to undergo breast augmentation once your breasts are fully developed and won’t be subject to change from things like hormones or pregnancy. The FDA places guidelines on how old you must be to use certain implants, so your plastic surgeon can discuss your options.

Breast Augmentation After Weight Loss

If you’ve gained and then lost significant weight, it’s common to lose some volume in your breasts. This is a natural result of the way your body stores fat, but it can feel like your breasts aren’t what they used to be. Although breast augmentation can be a great way to reshape your figure and put volume where you want it, most breast augmentations after weight loss will require a little help from a breast lift to reposition the breasts and restore them to a more upright position. Along with breast augmentation, we can recommend your best options for putting the finishing touches on your new body after weight loss.

What happens if I lose weight after breast augmentation?

Your implants might not look the way you want them to if you lose weight after breast augmentation. For this reason, it’s important to consider losing weight before you opt for cosmetic surgery.

How do I know what breast size is right for me after my weight loss?

Your plastic surgeon can make the best recommendation on what implant size will be best for you based on your new figure.

Breast Augmentation After Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a toll on your body— especially the breasts. Each woman experiences different changes after childbearing, but breast augmentation remains one of the most sought-after options. That’s because one common side-effect of breastfeeding is deflation, meaning your breasts lose some of their youthful volume. Breast implants are a great way to restore some volume but they may need to be paired with a breast lift for the best results.

How long after pregnancy can I get a breast augmentation?

Every woman recovers from childbirth at a different rate, so it’s important that your body is fully healed and has returned to its normal hormonal state. This ensures that you won’t experience any negative changes after your breast augmentation is finished.

Do I have to be done breastfeeding if I have an augmentation?

Yes. Most plastic surgeons recommend that you be finished breastfeeding so that your breasts don’t fluctuate with hormonal changes and affect your results. However, with the right techniques, breast augmentation does not affect your future ability to breastfeed.

Combination CoolSculpting® Procedure

CoolSculpting® is an excellent option for optimizing your breast augmentation results by refining your figure without downtime or incisions. CoolSculpting works by crystallizing fat cells in stubborn areas like the stomach or hips to flush them from the body. The result is more defined body contours and a more flattering figure to go with your new breast profile. Our team can recommend your best options for CoolSculpting during your consultation.

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Breast augmentation continues to be the most popular cosmetic surgery option each year. To meet with Dr. Coan and learn more about how you can benefit from breast augmentation, contact our Cary, NC office by calling us at (919).484.4884 or by filling out our online form.

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