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When Should You Start Using Botox?

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Whether you are just beginning to see signs of wrinkles near your eyes or through your forehead – or you have been bothered by them for years – Botox can be a great option. Many people who are curious about the treatment have questions about what age they should start receiving injections. This answer is nuanced—continue reading to learn more about when you should start Botox.

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When to Start Preventative Botox

Preventative Botox is a newer trend in injectables. Most injectors will recommend that you try Botox beginning when you first see lines that remain when your face is at rest—for most patients, this will occur around age 25 at the youngest. Treating these fine lines early will help you prevent them from growing deeper or worsening as you age. Collagen production slows as early as the 20s, so this can be a great time to start preventative treatments. The best age to try preventative Botox through your mid to late twenties will vary for each patient, and Dr. Coan or our nurse injectors at CARE Plastic Surgery may recommend another treatment option if you aren’t quite ready for Botox yet.

Botox in Your Thirties

By the thirties, most people will start to see fine lines developing. This is especially true for those who are very expressive or squint frequently. Patients who spend a lot of time outdoors and receive more sun exposure will also begin seeing lines and wrinkles earlier. In your 30s, Botox is still primarily preventative, but you will likely see more noticeable results in fine line reduction compared to your 20s.

The Most Common Age to Start Botox

The 40s are the most common age group to start Botox injections. If you have taken better care of your skin by using quality skincare products or avoiding sun exposure, it is especially common to wait until this age to start injections. Most Caucasian women begin Botox in their late 30s or early 40s, while those with darker skin tones typically start around age 45.

The best age to start Botox to soften wrinkles will vary greatly. For example, patients who smoke, spend more time in the sun, or have lived at higher altitudes will see wrinkles at an earlier age. Your genetics also play a role in aging and the best time for you to start Botox.


Am I a Good Candidate for Botox?

Most patients, regardless of age, are good candidates for Botox. Before your injections, Dr. Coan or our nurse injectors will screen for any health conditions that would make you a poor candidate. Some examples include muscle or nerve conditions and bleeding disorders. You should also share any medications or supplements that you take as well as any allergies.

In addition to reviewing your health history, the wrinkles and lines you are concerned about will be examined. Botox helps soften dynamic wrinkles, or the lines that form from repeated facial expressions. Other wrinkles can be caused by volume loss, and are better treated using dermal fillers. The appropriate injectable will be recommended and a tailored treatment plan can be created for you after your consultation.


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