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Take a Look at What a ‘Perfect’ Peel Can Do For You…

With A Warm, Caring Staff and Stunningly Natural Results,
Our Approach to Surgery is Anything but Plastic

Tired of tired-looking skin? Need to look hot for that upcoming event? Look no further than the perfect peel. This peel lives up to its name by making your skin look and feel like perfection! I have worked with many types of chemical peels throughout my career. This peel far surpasses all the others. I have tried it myself and was amazed by the results. The perfect peel delivers results every time. This is one of the most requested services by our patients at Care Plastic Surgery.

It takes less than 15 minutes to apply. The best part is it contains a numbing agent, so after a few seconds, you won’t feel a thing. Your skin will actually glow for the first couple of days & then on day 3, the fun begins! You begin heavily shedding all that dead yucky skin. Brown spots and fine lines are significantly diminished! Seven days later, viola! Fresh, glowing skin!

Bottom line….the perfect peel is the best peel of its kind on the market right now and totally worth spending a few days in the house watching Sex and the City reruns while metamorphosis runs its course.

Trying a chemical peel for the first time can leave you with a lot of questions. Call our licensed medical aesthetician Rose today and let her put your fears at ease! Seeing is believing; check out the pics below and see for yourself!

  • Monday, Day 1 (day of peel): Peel to face & neck was comfortable, no stinging at all, no pain – very little redness. I did cardio this evening but was careful not to sweat.
  • Tuesday, Day 2: More redness, but no discomfort at all, no peeling yet. I did not add any moisture or hydrocortisone or anything to the skin except makeup & SPF.
  • Wednesday, Day 3: Started peeling slightly in the morning around the mouth and chin area with some feelings of tightness. During the evening time, more peeling around the mouth, nose, and temples. I added no moisture or hydrocortisone. Only SPF was worn.
  • Thursday, Day 4: Continued peeling everywhere, but no discomfort. I did not pull any skin off but used cleanser w/ water in little circles VERY GENTLY to work off some hanging skin.
  • Friday, Day 5: Forehead started peeling, collarbone red & irritated, neck flaking (not big sheets of skin like on face), peeling on outer edges. This was the most uncomfortable day for me, and I added hydrocortisone and moisture, which eased the discomfort.
  • Saturday, Day 6: slight peeling and flakiness in AM, but all done by evening. I work makeup for a big date! My skin looked and felt great – soft, clear, and glowy. Dark spots were lighter, and my makeup went on very well.
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