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Recovering from Surgery as a Busy Mom

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As a mom, it can be challenging finding time for yourself throughout the week. Whether it is driving your kids to practice, working a career with intense hours, or cooking and cleaning throughout the week, finding time for yourself can be difficult. Although it may be difficult, it is extremely important.

Because of your busy schedule, you may not think you have time for the surgery that you want but that is not the case. Feeling good in your body again after having kids can be a struggle for most moms because their bodies do not feel or work quite how they used to. A mommy makeover procedure is a great procedure for any woman who wants help attaining their pre-pregnancy appearances! At CARE, we want to ensure that you feel the best in your skin, and we will help you take the steps that you need for your best recovery.

How will I have the time to recover?

To achieve optimal results, a good recovery strategy is crucial. Because a mommy makeover completes multiple surgical procedures at one time, busy moms love the idea of one period of recovery opposed to many! Take the time during your recovery to find time for yourself and prioritize Dr. Coan’s post-operative instructions.

Because mommy makeovers are customized procedures, recovery time will vary from patient to patient. It is important to follow the post-operative instructions of the surgical team, however, to ensure you have a quick and safe recovery process. Most patients should expect to take 1-2 weeks off work. Although that may seem daunting, most jobs post-pandemic have adjusted features to work from home if needed! However, be sure to take time to rest before returning to work.

Overall, the complete recovery process should only take about 6 weeks total!

Plan Ahead!

Before surgery, be sure to communicate with your friends and family members to help plan and prepare for your recovery period. It is super important to have a dedicated support system as a busy mom and these people can help you during your recovery. You should plan to have additional help around the house for a few weeks to assist with household tasks, running errands, and childcare responsibilities.

Achieve and Maintain the Best Results

Follow all your surgical team at CARE’s post-operative instructions. It is best to communicate with your surgeon regarding any questions or concerns that you may have! With the help of family members and friends, your recovery process will be smooth. As you start feeling better after surgery, start gradually reintroducing parts of your routine to your schedule! Still avoid strenuous activities until you receive approval from Dr. Coan but continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your recovery process.

Don’t forget that everyone’s recovery process is different and be patient with yourself throughout the entire process. Even a busy mom can tackle the recovery process with ease by focusing on self-care and reaching out for help! The recovery process should not hold anyone back from attaining their aesthetic goals and at CARE Plastic Surgery we want to help you reach those dreams as seamlessly as possible.

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