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Plastic Surgery Recovery During Winter: Benefits of Healing in Cooler Months

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Deciding the right time to pursue cosmetic surgery can be a difficult decision. Plastic surgery appointments involve planning time off for healing and calculating the perfect timing for when your full results will appear. Recovery can last weeks to months depending on the face, body, or breast procedure that you receive. Scheduling in the winter can allow you to enjoy the summer activities outdoors. Follow this guide to learn the many benefits of recovering from plastic surgery in the cooler months.

Reduced Sun Exposure and Scarring

Cooler months allow you to avoid harmful UV rays that can cause scarring. Helping your incisions to avoid the damage of sun exposure can reduce the visibility of scarring. Receiving your surgery in the winter months can allow the wounds to heal and be less noticeable to others. Right after surgery, your wounds appear red, raised, and even swollen. Surgery during the winter allows discolored wounds to fade significantly before the summer.

Swelling Subsides

It can take some time to notice your full results when they are accompanied by swelling. In many cases a swollen treatment area can persist for up to six months, making the holiday season the best time to receive surgery. Swelling tampers with your appearance, and scheduling surgery in advance for the winter season can help you be beach-ready by summertime.

Healing for Best Results

It can take days to months for your body to recover. Getting surgery during the winter can be beneficial for the healing process, allowing you to be less active and recover indoors in the comfort of your own home. This allows you to experience the warmer and more active months fully healed.

Days off for Recuperation

Scheduling your procedure during the holiday season can grant you extra time off with family and friends during your recovery. Scheduling this time of year can be beneficial as many have time off for the holidays, and you will have more help during your recovery. Caregivers are required to drive you home from your appointment and should take care of you for the first 24 hours after your surgery.

Layered Clothing

Breast and body procedures can be hard to conceal during the warmer months. Whether you are wearing a compression bra for breast surgery or gauze and tubes for other surgeries layering up can help you conceal your procedure. These garments can get hot and sweaty and can cause irritation during the summer months. Having your procedure performed in the winter works well with cooler temperatures by adding another layer of warmth.

What Surgeries Benefit from Winter Appointments?

Timing your procedures during the winter can be beneficial all around. From scar reduction to longer healing times to more help during the holiday season. Tummy tuck procedures, breast procedures, and liposuction can be easier to conceal during these cool months.

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