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Forma™ (Collagen & Elasticity)

Non-surgical, radiofrequency skin tightening for effective and relaxing contouring.

Forma™ (Collagen & Elasticity)

What is Forma?

Forma™ is a non-surgical treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to generate gentle heat and tighten the skin by stimulating collagen production and targeting fat cells. Also known as the Red Carpet Facial, Forma has seen wide use among Hollywood elites and Victoria’s Secret models before big events. This is because it requires no incisions and offers a relaxing and painless treatment session. Forma can effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as mild skin laxity on the body and face. This treatment offers an excellent option for patients looking for body contouring without the downtime or recovery that comes with surgery.


Am I a Candidate for Forma?

The best candidates for Forma are patients looking for skin tightening but don’t yet require a surgical lift procedure. Additionally, patients who don’t want to undergo a long recovery or downtime period can find great benefits with a Forma treatment package. Forma can be used on both the face and body, and some of the most popular treatment areas are the forehead, crow’s feet, eyelids, midface, jowls, neck, arms, and abdomen.

How is Forma Performed?

Forma can be performed in-office with a quick and relaxing treatment session. Considered a ‘lunchtime’ procedure, it can be completed in less than an hour, depending on your treatment areas. During treatment, you’ll relax while the precise, molded handpiece is placed on the skin, along with a cooling conductive gel. The Forma handpiece then emits radiofrequency energy through the skin to its deepest layers, causing it to contract and form new collagen. This technique feels pleasantly warm without generating uncomfortable heat— it requires no anesthesia, and many patients describe it as a heated massage. After treatment, you can return home.

What Can I Expect After Forma?

For most patients, we recommend a series of six treatments spaced one week apart. This ensures complete treatment of your targeted areas and continued stimulation of your body’s collagen and skin. After each session, you can expect the skin to appear flushed and red, but this subsides within the day. Most patients see gradual improvement over the course of their treatment package, and you can opt for touch-up appointments as needed to continually stimulate collagen.

Patient Testimonial


" I went to CARE for a Forma treatment with Kendall. It was absolutely amazing, and the results were far superior to any other facial treatment I’ve tried in the past. Kendall was so knowledgeable and sweet. You must try Forma at CARE!! " - TE Forma Patient

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Forma skin tightening is an excellent way to shape your favorite areas without the downtime and recovery of surgery. To begin discussing your options for non-surgical body contouring, contact our Cary office by calling or filling out our online form.

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