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Sizzle This Summer – Our Favorite Fillers and Non-Invasive Rejuvenation Options

With A Warm, Caring Staff and Stunningly Natural Results,
Our Approach to Surgery is Anything but Plastic

Put your best face forward this summer with a little help from Dr. Coan and CARE Plastic Surgery. We offer a variety of non-invasive/non-surgical treatments clinically proven to soften fine lines, restore lost volume, and give a softer, more subtle look to what you show off to the world first — your face. Oftentimes these provide subtle yet significant rejuvenation, which allows these treatments to be your little secret.


Tired of deepening creases across the forehead, an angry-looking furrowed brow, or crow’s feet forming around your eyes? If you have wrinkles caused by muscle activity, Botox can help smooth them out and give you a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. This treatment works by temporarily relaxing specific muscles that cause wrinkles, allowing the wrinkle to gently smooth and fade away. This treatment is an excellent choice for lines between the brows and other aging facial lines caused by muscle activity. Botox is a celebrity and patient favorite. In fact, Kelly Ripa, Simon Cowell, Jenny McCarthy, Courtney Cox, and many others have publicly admitted to Botox use.

Even if you’re busy, you have time for Botox before summer. The treatment takes just a few minutes with no downtime. Come in on your lunch break and return to work! Results will appear in just a few days and typically last 3-4 months.

Dermal Fillers

Do you want a perfect pout for summer? Dermal fillers rejuvenate the skin by restoring lost volume that fades with age. Fillers can smooth folds (including nasolabial folds), plump the lips, soften jowls, fill in hollowed temples, and even create higher-looking cheekbones. We offer a wide range of fillers, including Juvederm XC, and VOLUMA. Most fillers require no downtime, and results are long-lasting (in some cases up to two years).

At CARE Plastic Surgery, our injectable treatments are performed by either our expert nurse injector, April Linch, or by our double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Coan. Their combined years of experience ensure optimal results for each patient.

Lash Serum by Alphaeon

Summer can be a difficult time for lashes. Swimming and humidity make waterproof mascara a must, but many women find it difficult to remove and hard on their lashes. Lash Serum by Alphaeon can help you grow the lashes you’ve always wanted. This treatment is brushed onto the lash line each day. Over time, your lashes will grow longer, thicker, darker, and more abundantly. Results last as long as you continue to use the product. Application takes just minutes a day, and you should start seeing results in a few weeks (full results at 16 weeks). Long, luscious lashes go perfectly with sultry summer temperatures.

Vitalize Peel

Gorgeous summer skin starts with the Vitalize Peel. This powerful 30-minute peel requires no advance preparation and is safe for all skin types. It uses a synergistic blend of seven acids to revitalize the skin, improve skin tone, smooth lines and wrinkles, and fade pigmentation problems. After your peel, you can resume most regular activities immediately. Results are visible in about a week. Come in now and enjoy better skin by summer.

Let’s make this summer your most stunning one yet. Call 919-484-4884 and schedule your treatments today!

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