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5 Signs You Will Benefit From Botox

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Whether you’re new to the world of injectable cosmetics or not, you’ve probably heard of Botox and know it gives people a quick, painless solution to wrinkles around the face. But what specific benefits can Botox give to your unique appearance? Here are five common wrinkles that Botox can resolve to help you look as young as you feel.

Forehead Wrinkles and Frown Lines

One of the most common uses for Botox is for injection in the forehead to address horizontal creases and frown lines between the eyebrows. If you’re noticing deepening folds when you raise your eyebrows, or if there are creases at the top of your nose where the forehead begins, a quick Botox injection can relax the over-active muscles and smooth out your appearance.

Crow’s Feet Around the Eyes

Botox is a precision treatment that is great at reducing mild to moderate wrinkles formed by facial muscles, making it perfect for reducing the appearance of crow’s feet. Over the years as these delicate areas contract and release, wrinkles develop that contribute to an aging appearance. You can restore some of your youthful appearance with a small amount of Botox around the eye area.

Botox before and after Cary North Carollina

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Smoker’s Lines Around the Mouth

Whether you’re an ex-smoker or not, you can develop smoker’s lines around the upper and lower lips, or vertical wrinkles caused by frequent puckering. These wrinkles form when the muscles in the lips and chin are over-used for many years, creating a resting appearance of creasing. Botox helps release the muscles that cause this, helping bring a smooth and youthful look to your lips and mouth.

Correcting Other Facial Wrinkles

The great thing about Botox, especially compared to newer formulations with the same active ingredient, is that it’s received the largest number of FDA approvals for injection into different areas of the face. It’s a great solution for treating mild to moderate wrinkles caused by certain facial expressions.

Preventing Wrinkles from Forming

A fairly recent discovery in the data collected over many years of Botox use is that early Botox use can help prevent certain dynamic wrinkles from forming later in life. This means that people in their 20s and 30s who are just beginning to show some mild signs of aging can be great candidates for Botox injections. Combined with a good skincare routine and regular sun protection, Botox can help people achieve a flawlessly good appearance for years to come.

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