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Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Guide

Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Guide

Recovery is often the most asked about part of the breast augmentation procedure process. Knowing what to expect throughout your surgical journey may help you feel more prepared and confident with moving forward with the procedure. Here’s what most of our rapid recovery breast augmentation patients may expect over the course of breast enlargement surgical recovery:

Week 1

The Swell Stage: Expect significant swelling, discomfort and possibly some minor bruising. Breasts still have not reached their final shape or size yet. Pain can be managed with prescription pain medication and ice packs. Follow our post op care instructions including no lifting, keeping your incisions clean, and wearing your custom-fit breast augmentation surgical garment.

Week 2-3

Take Me To Work Stage: The majority of breast augmentation surgery discomfort should resolve, and you’ll likely be feeling well enough to return to work. We still advise the majority of our patients to limit exercise and activities and to generally take it easy.

Week 4-5

The Home Stretch Stage: By the fourth and fifth weeks post recovery we ask our patients to continue to wear the custom-fit post-surgical garment bra. With the okay from your board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Coan, you’ll be able to increase your activity level and slowly introduce more strenuous activity.

Week 6

Bursting with Happiness Stage: The majority of swelling and discomfort will have diminished and dissipated by the sixty week.  At this stage your breast implants will be starting to settle. Most of our patients at this stage may return to all normal activity and enjoy their new breasts!

If you have any questions about your breast augmentation recovery process, contact our award winning plastic surgery office at (919) 484-4884 or email us at info@careplasticsurgery.com . Don’t forget, you can also find us on Instagram! CARE Plastic Surgery is located in the Triangle region of North Carolina.

This Blog is not intended to replace a consultation with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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