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Winter is a Great Time to Book Breast Augmentation

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When it comes to breast augmentation, planning is everything. Choosing your surgeon, your look, your implants—everything needs to be meticulously prepared. Timing too, is essential; plastic surgery procedures tend to get more popular by season because certain procedures are easier to take time off for recovery during different seasons. Believe it or not, winter is actually a great time to book breast augmentation.

Winter Break

The holiday season is rife with long weekends and long breaks from work and school—perfect for recovering from a major surgery like breast augmentation. Let the cozy, warm feelings of the holidays let you relax and recover from breast augmentation in the easiest way. Even better, think of your breast augmentation as a gift—from someone else, or from you. Winter is the perfect time to stay indoors, get cozy, and get comfortable, which is exactly what you’ll be doing during your recovery. It’s also a great way to keep feelings of FOMO (fear of missing out) at bay, since winter is all about spending time in a nice warm place with the people you care about.

Sweater Weather

There’s another reason why winter is fantastic for a discreet recovery: bulky sweaters, loose pants, and scarves are perfect for hiding your breast augmentation recovery. Whether it’s an ugly sweater for a holiday party, or a nice soft cardigan that feels like a cloud, your winter clothing is perfect for a comfortable and stylish breast augmentation recovery.

Summer Swelling

Did you know that excessive heat can actually affect the recovery of fresh wounds? Not only can excessive heat increase the risk of swelling and bleeding, but sun exposure can actually lead to scars darkening, thus ruining any chance of your incisions healing into subtle marks. It’s also a lot safer to recover from breast augmentation during winter, since excessive heat can actually increase swelling and bleeding from fresh wounds!

Spring Fling

If you get your breast augmentation in the winter, you should be ready to show off your new breasts and new sense of self by new year’s and spring. The new year is the time of renewal and reemergence; what better time to emerge with your new self? There’s no better time to debut the new you than the new year and the season of beautiful spring clothing.

A breast augmentation can give you the greatest gift of all: confidence. Contact CARE Plastic Surgery now, to get your breast augmentation in time for the holiday season.

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