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Should I Wait Until Fall to Schedule My Breast Surgery?

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Should I get breast augmentation now or later? We often talk with older patients that have wanted to enhance their breasts for a lifetime but were always waiting for the right time. Suddenly, decades have gone by and these women are still unhappy with the appearance of their breasts. If you want to enhance your breasts, come see us now. Make your dreams come true today.

Which Season Is Best for Breast Surgery?

Which season is the best season for breast surgery? There are advantages and disadvantages to every time of the year. Remember, the sooner you have breast surgery, the sooner you’ll enjoy your results.

  • Spring– Breasts are healed for a summertime unveiling. Cooler temperatures make recovery garments and bandaging more comfortable.
  • Summer– You’ll miss out on many outdoor summer activities including swimming while you heal. Patients often have extra time in the summer, making it easier to schedule surgery and recovery. Some patients find recovery in the heat to be more uncomfortable; this can be minimized by staying indoors.
  • Fall– Some parents find back-to-school time is a great time for breast surgery as children will need less care. You’ll be fully recovered for the holidays.
  • Winter- Treat yourself to breast surgery as a holiday gift. Some patients use time off from work for the holidays to recover. Sweaters and coats easily cover bandaging and extra layers.

Choose a time that works for you, your schedule, and your budget. Don’t put off breast surgery until the perfect time though. There will always be some inconveniences associated with plastic surgery, but the results should outweigh the hassle.

I Want Breast Surgery Now, but Worry I Can’t Afford It

Many patients delay breast surgery due to financial concerns. Breast surgery is an investment, but there are financing options available. We are committed to making plastic surgery affordable and will work with you to help fit your procedure into your budget.

Get Breast Surgery Now, and Enjoy Your Results for a Lifetime

Should you wait until fall for your breast surgery? You could, but that would mean less time enjoying your new breasts. Many patients choose to keep their breast implants for a lifetime, enjoying them for decades to come. Additional procedures may be needed to maintain your implants over time. All breast surgeries, including breast reductionbreast lift, and breast implants, are long-lasting.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re interested in breast surgery, come see us now and explore your options. You need information to make an informed choice about your options. Call us today and schedule your consultation at CARE Plastic Surgery.

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