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Smaller Breast Implants Are the New Black

Smaller Breast Implants Are the New Black

Have you been thinking about breast implants? Unfortunately, we’re not always born with what we want. Luckily, we live in a world where we have options at our disposal to successfully pursue change. Whether it’s a different hair color or different nose, there is a way to make a change.

Specifically, in today’s world, it’s common for a woman to change the size of her breasts. However, contrary to popular belief, “bigger” isn’t always “better.” That’s right, smaller breast implants are the new black.

About (Smaller) Breast Implants

Known professionally as “breast augmentation,” when performed by a trained professional, this procedure can effectively improve the size and shape of a woman’s bust. From genes to pregnancy, to age and other surgeries, it’s typical for a woman’s breast to change in size and/or shape, resulting in a need for augmentation.

And while many may not be aware of this, a smaller, more modest change can be both medically and cosmetically appealing to the patient. Further, it’s important for women to consider how the size of implants they choose can affect their overall results, and later, their life.

The Benefits of Smaller Breast Implants

It’s true: when most people think of breast implants, they think Pamela Anderson big. Yet, choosing breast implants isn’t solely about size. Every woman is different, and each individual should consider their own body type, needs, and goals before choosing implants, particularly, larger ones.

First and foremost, smaller breast implants can more appropriately accommodate a woman’s shape. If the implants are too large, they can negatively impact a woman’s proportions. When breast implants are chosen in correlation to tissue, a more natural, spherical appearance is created.

Because larger sized implants require a larger pocket to be formed within the breasts, the amount of fatty tissue between the implant and outer breast wall is affected, changing the texture. Yet, smaller breast implants retain more tissue, ultimately resulting in a soft, natural look and feel.

If the breast implants chosen are too big for the body, the skin will be forced to accommodate the large size, resulting in unwanted and unappealing stretch marks. Obviously, this isn’t an issue with smaller implants.

Again, every woman is different, with different body types, needs, and wants. Therefore, the advantages to choosing smaller breasts implants over larger ones will change from individual patient to patient.

While aesthetics are important when it comes to cosmetic surgery,  choosing the right breast implant size is not just about looks. There are also medical benefits connected to smaller breast implants.

For example, with smaller breast implants, the risks of post-surgical complications are less common. Generally, breast augmentation procedures are safe when performed by an educated and trained professional. Yet, a surgery that uses smaller implants could even be safer, as it’s rarer for the implants to shift inside the pocket, meaning revision surgery (probably) will not be needed.

It’s true, and it makes sense: the smaller the implant, the easier the recovery period will be for the patient. Smaller breast implants result in less tissue damage during surgery, meaning post-surgery side effects will not be as bad or painful. Therefore, the recovery or down time after surgery may be shorter.

Smaller breast implants require smaller incisions, resulting in less scarring. Further, women often experience less discomfort in their neck and back when the implants chosen are smaller in size.

Finally, and as mentioned above, smaller implants can result in a much more natural-looking appearance. While the doctors at Care Plastic Surgery aim to please and provide complete patient satisfaction, we do believe in cosmetic surgery that doesn’t draw stares or negative attention to itself, but offers a more aesthetic and appealing look.

The Disadvantages of Large Breast Implants

Just as there are many advantages to choosing smaller breast implants, there are also disadvantages to choosing large breast implants.

For example, large breast implants can cause a woman to look unnatural, specifically, if the patient’s frame is thin or small.

Further, large breast implants have a bigger reputation of rupturing, requiring corrective or revision surgery. This, of course, results in more time and money spent on surgery, as well as more downtime spent on recovering.

Making the Breast Decision

As with any type of cosmetic surgery, there are pros and cons to the choices you make. Bottom line, you need to decide what is ultimately best for you and your needs. More so, what do you want to accomplish from breast augmentation surgery? It’s a good idea to discuss these needs and goals with your doctor during your initial consultation, as he can provide personal insight into helping you make a decision.

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