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Preparing for Your Breast Augmentation Consultation: Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

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Do you have questions about breast augmentation? Of course, you do. As one of the top plastic surgeons in the Triangle, Dr. Coan sits down with many women preparing for breast augmentation and the one thing they all have in common is questions. As you get ready for your breast augmentation consultation, grab a pen and paper and keep it handy. As you come up with questions, write them down and bring the list to your appointment. We’re sharing some of our most-asked questions about breast augmentation and their answers below.

Do You Have Specific Plastic Surgery Training? Tell Me More About Your Qualifications.

Plastic surgery is an art form but one that requires substantial medical training and experience to get right. Although many doctors offer cosmetic procedures, we recommend choosing a trained and experienced plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation.

Dr. Coan is an award-winning, nationally renowned plastic surgeon. After earning his undergraduate degree at MIT, Dr. Coan went to medical school at the University of Chicago-Pritzker and completed a plastic surgery residency at the prestigious Duke University Medical Center in Durham, serving as chief resident in his final year. In addition to his busy plastic surgery practice, Dr. Coan trains up-and-coming plastic surgeons at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Are You Board Certified?

Board certification sets a top doctor apart from the rest. To receive board certification, a doctor must demonstrate their training, skill, and experience, meeting difficult and exacting standards. Only the best doctors strive toward this achievement. Dr. Coan is a double board-certified plastic surgeon, which means that he holds board certification from two different medical boards: The American Board of Plastic Surgery & The American Board of Surgery.

Can Breast Augmentation Help Me Achieve My Aesthetic Goals? Do You Recommend Any Other Treatments?

Before committing to a plastic surgery procedure, it is essential to make sure it will meet your goals. During your consultation, Dr. Coan will discuss your hopes for surgery and will help you determine if breast augmentation is the right fit. Some patients may benefit from additional procedures including:

  • Breast Lift– Women with breast ptosis (sagging) may need a breast lift to achieve optimal results from breast augmentation surgery. This procedure removes excess skin and fat and repositions breast tissues to a more youthful, lifted position on the chest wall. Breast lift surgery and breast augmentation can be combined, providing a size increase and a lift with a single trip to the operating room. A breast lift is often needed after weight loss or pregnancy.
  • Mommy Makeover– Pregnancy and breastfeeding transform the body, often changing it in ways that women don’t appreciate. If you’re finished having children and want your pre-baby body back, consider a mommy makeover. Breast augmentation is a common addition to mommy makeover surgery. We would love to help you flatten your tummy while boosting your breast size.

Where Will My Procedure Be Performed?

Plastic surgeons perform breast augmentation in many locations including stand-alone operating suites and local hospitals. Talk with your surgeon to find out where your procedure will be performed. Dr. Coan performs all surgeries in well-established surgery centers that have received the highest surgery center safety rating, AAA-SF.

What Happens If There Is an Emergency During Surgery?

Emergencies are rare in plastic surgery, but they do happen. Talk with your surgeon about the precautions they take to prevent emergencies and the protocols used should a problem occur. Your safety is our priority at CARE Plastic Surgery.

Can I See Before and After Photos?

Will you love your results after plastic surgery? One of the best ways to predict your satisfaction is to look at before and after photos of patients that came before you. Specifically, ask your surgeon to show you results from patients with similar body types and aesthetic goals. Our breast augmentation gallery showcases results from many past patients. Patient testimonials provide excellent insight into the type of care you’ll receive when working with a particular surgeon.

Do You Offer 3D Imaging? Can I See My New Breasts Before I Leave?

One of our favorite parts of a breast augmentation consultation is giving patients a preview of their new look. We use Crisalix 3D Imaging to show patients the potential results of breast surgery. You can try on implant sizes and take your implants for a virtual test drive. This powerful tool aids in patient and surgeon communication and helps women decide if breast augmentation will meet their goals. Meet with us for a 3D breast augmentation consultation and see your results before you leave.

Why Should I Choose Your Practice for My Breast Augmentation?

There are many wonderful plastic surgeons in the Triangle area, and we are honored each time a patient chooses us for their breast augmentation. Here are a few of the many reasons why we feel CARE Plastic Surgery is your best choice for breast augmentation:

  • Best of Durham– We’ve been voted “Best of Durham” for seven consecutive years.
  • Best of Cary – Dr. Coan was recently voted Best in Cary.
  • Top Training– Our surgeon, Dr. Coan, is double board certified and graduated from one of the best plastic surgery training programs in the world. His world-class training is paired with years of experience.
  • Focus on Safety– Your safety is always our priority. Everyone at CARE Plastic Surgery receives the appropriate training to keep you safe during your procedures.
  • Patient-Centered– You matter to us. We’ll communicate openly and we work to ensure that you’re happy with your experience from the consultation through surgery and for years to come.

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