Body Contouring Case 3

Body Contouring After Weight Loss

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Care Plastic Surgery 9:05 pm Care Plastic Surgery 9:05 pm
Peak Weight

250 lbs.

BMI (Body Mass Index)

Before – 41.6 After - 21.6

Amount of Weight Lost

120 lbs.

Weight Loss Procedure

Open RnY Bypass with Dr. Enochs Bariatric Specialists of North Carolina (BSNC) in 2011

CARE Plastic Surgery Procedures

Lower Body Lift, Breast Augmentation and Full Mastopexy with Dr. Brian S. Coan

Patient Story

This patient consulted with CARE Plastic Surgery after learning Dr. Brian S. Coan had won the award of Best Plastic Surgeon in Durham, NC every year since 2010. She was most interested in closing the circle of her weight loss journey by restoring the volume lost in her breasts and removing the excess skin and hanging fat around her abdomen after her significant weight loss. She had successfully lost 120 pounds after gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Paul Enochs of BSNC in 2011. During her consultation at CARE Plastic Surgery, Dr. Coan performed a full body contouring consultation and found that she was a candidate for a lower body lift as well as breast augmentation with a lift (breast a. She is incredibly happy with her results and new shape and contour. She is thrilled to be a size 2 today and can’t believe she used to be a 20!