Body Contouring Case 2

Body Contouring After Weight Loss

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Care Plastic Surgery 7:46 pm Care Plastic Surgery 7:46 pm
183 lbs
Peak Weight

408 lbs

BMI (Body Mass Index)

Before – 63.9 After – 28.7

Amount of Weight Lost

225 lbs

Weight Loss

diet and exercise

CARE Plastic Surgery Procedures

Lower body lift and male breast reduction with Dr. Brian S. Coan

Patient Story

This young man has an inspiring and uplifting weight loss story. The Emmy award-winning TV show, The Doctors, contacted Dr. Coan for his award-winning expertise in plastic surgery and body contouring. This young man lost over 200 pounds through diet and exercise alone. Before his weight loss, he was extremely depressed. Once he began his weight loss journey, he found that he loved exercising, weight lifting and healthy eating and made these a part of his daily routine. He successfully lost over 225 pounds and became a local celebrity. Dr. Coan met with him and discussed he would benefit from total body contouring, including a lower body lift and male breast reduction. Dr. Coan and his team performed this life changing body makeover pro bono as a gift to help him achieve his dreams. After his procedure, he is ecstatic with his results and loves being able to exercise without excess skin “getting in the way.” He has even run a marathon! He and Dr. Coan recently visited Los Angeles to document his “body contouring reveal” with the Emmy-award winning tv program, The Doctors.