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I can see why they call it “CARE,” because they really do. From the person I spoke with on the phone, to the doctors and the nurses–everyone was incredibly helpful.

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A Guide to Your First CoolSculpting Treatment

Stubborn fat can be incredibly frustrating, especially when diet and exercise are not making much of an improvement. If you have stubborn fat, you may want to consider a CoolSculpting treatment with our expert team at CARE Plastic Surgery. In one quick, non-invasive procedure, stubborn fat will be eliminated and you can feel more confident […] - Read More >>


You are not alone if you have started to notice the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles on your face. These changes can be frustrating, and it’s common that most at-home remedies don’t produce the best results. Luckily, there are other options for addressing these signs of aging. If you are looking to reduce the […] - Read More >>

The Importance of Good Skin Care

It’s never too early to start developing a good skincare routine. Taking care of your skin with good-quality products can help your skin stay youthful and fresh, slowing down the natural aging process. After all, beautiful, healthy skin also means a happier, more confident you! Why is it important to take care of your skin? […] - Read More >>

Suffering from Hyperhidrosis? Botox Can Be a Solution

Sweating is a normal, natural, and crucial process that allows the body to cool itself and regulate temperature. While everyone sweats, some people experience excessive sweating, even when they are not overheated. This condition is known as hyperhidrosis and commonly affects the underarms, face, palms, or feet. Hyperhidrosis can be a frustrating condition, causing visible […] - Read More >>

Give the MedSpa gift of CARE

Treat yourself this Mother’s Day to our limited-time specials! We are also offering an array of complimentary professional-grade skincare products with your purchase to help you maintain your results for a youthful glow. Juvéderm Ultra Plus Special: Pre-purchase Juvéderm Ultra Plus online for $599 and receive a complimentary SkinCeuticals skincare kit for a total value […] - Read More >>

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