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I can see why they call it “CARE,” because they really do. From the person I spoke with on the phone, to the doctors and the nurses–everyone was incredibly helpful.

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When Should You Start Using Botox?

Whether you are just beginning to see signs of wrinkles near the eyes or through the forehead or you have been bothered by them for years, Botox can be a great option. Many people who are curious about the treatment have questions about what age they should start receiving injections. This answer is nuanced—continue reading […] - Read More >>

The Benefits of Morpheus8 Microneedling

If you are interested in med spa skincare treatments, you have probably heard of microneedling. This treatment is also referred to as “collagen induction therapy,” because it works to stimulate new collagen for a more youthful and rejuvenated look. Morpheus8 microneedling is an advanced option that offers many benefits and excellent results. Continue reading to […] - Read More >>

Benefits of BodyTite and FaceTite

If you think achieving age-defying results for your double chin, sagging skin, or stubborn pockets of fat is only achievable with invasive surgery, think again. Our highly effective FaceTite and BodyTite radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) options can be a great way to contour the body without the need for general anesthesia. Here’s what we love about […] - Read More >>

7 Benefits of CoolSculpting

There are many reasons to choose CoolSculpting if you are interested in a body contouring procedure. The best option for each patient will vary depending on your needs, so it’s important to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon like Dr. Coan at CARE Plastic Surgery. However, here are seven benefits of CoolSculpting that just […] - Read More >>

Choosing the Best Chemical Peel for You

Chemical peels are a popular procedure for a number of skin concerns, but choosing the best option for you can be confusing without guidance from a skin care professional. Choosing the right chemical peel requires understanding how the treatment works, what your skin type and needs are, and what types of chemical peels are available. […] - Read More >>

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