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My Second Microneedling Treatment

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Four weeks later…

I received my first microneedling treatment in June of 2023. I realized microneedling would be an ideal treatment for me after learning how much of an effect it can have on textured skin. I have struggled with skin issues like larger pores and textured skin for years, but after just one treatment, I noticed a considerable improvement in my skin! Three treatments are recommended for optimal results, so I was excited to see what my skin would look like after my second treatment in July 2023.

Recap of Microneedling with PRP

The microneedling procedure, also called collagen induction therapy, uses very thin needles to create tiny holes in the treatment area and stimulate collagen production, making the skin firm. It can help treat acne scars, surgical scars, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, enlarged pores, and other skin concerns.

The thin needles create controlled injury on the face which boosts skin rejuvenation. Some of the other benefits of the microneedling process are that it can improve the overall texture, tone, and youthfulness of the skin. The patient’s platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is applied to amplify the skin’s natural healing process due to the growth factors it releases.

How the second treatment compared to the first

When consulting with my aesthetician, I learned that for my skin type and aesthetic goals, I would need to increase the level of intensity for my microneedling treatments. Going into my second microneedling treatment, the actual process looked the exact same.

It began with washing my face, applying a topical anesthetic cream to my clean skin, and waiting about 30 minutes for it to set in. The numbing cream helps to alleviate any discomfort that could be caused during the treatment. Next, my blood was drawn so that my platelet-rich plasma, PRP, could be prepared. Once my PRP was ready, and my face was numbed, my treatment began. The FDA-cleared microneedling device was used, and the whole process was smooth and comfortable. All areas of my face were treated, including my forehead, cheeks, under eyes, nose, and chin!

While the process was the same, the downtime afterward was different. My aesthetician was able to treat my skin more aggressively the second time due to how well I responded to the first, so I had a little bit more downtime afterward. My skin was slightly red for a day or two longer than after my first treatment.

With my skin type, my redness was very manageable and resembled a mild sunburn. Once the redness went away, my skin started to peel. The peeling is a result of the microneedling treatment enhancing collagen production and your skin producing a new, healthier layer, and getting rid of the old layer.


It is normal to experience skin purging after microneedling. This means your skin may breakout afterward because it has just been exposed to a new treatment. My skin is relatively sensitive, so I experienced a few breakouts following treatment. Once my skin cleared, I noticed a significant decrease in my pore size and overall smoother skin. I am excited for my third treatment and to see how much my skin has changed throughout this journey!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can achieve these same results from microneedling, give our office a call at 919-484-4884 to book a consultation! Whether you’re struggling with acne scarring, large pores, or another skin issue, our team can build a customized treatment plan for you.

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