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Kim K “Broke the Internet” – You Could Too with a Brazilian Butt Lift!

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If you’ve browsed the internet at all this past week, you’ve probably seen the risqué photos of Kim Kardashian and her famous “asset” on the cover of this winter’s Paper Magazine. Over the years, it seems as if her waist has grown inward and her derriere outward, but so has the demand for the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) cosmetic surgery procedure. Many celebrities over the years have been the catalyst for the “BBL boom.” The growing popularity of the coined “BBL” began in the 1970s when patients would have silicone implants surgically placed in their behinds. In recent years, the technique has changed and is ultimately much safer. Plastic surgeons can use patients’ own purified fat through liposuction and inject it into their buttocks to create more volume and the desired shape.

How exactly is the Brazilian butt lift performed? I sat down with one of CARE Plastic Surgery’s nurses, Nancy, to answer this question and discuss Dr. Brian Coan’s unique fat transfer technique that patients in the Raleigh-Durham area seek.

The first step of this multistep procedure is performing liposuction to remove the available fat from various areas, such as the flanks, abdomen, upper back, upper arms, or thighs.

During your consultation at CARE Plastic Surgery, you can discuss with Dr. Coan your areas of concern. Liposuction not only removes the fat but adds contour to your body to enhance your shape. The fat is purified through centrifugation – I won’t get into the nitty-gritty science aspect of this; let’s leave that to the professionals!

The filtered fat is then re-injected and fanned into the buttocks and sculpted in the gluteal area by Dr. Coan. The volume, shape, and contour is determined by the aesthetic goals set at your consultation with Dr. Coan, as well as the procedural safety assessed by him during the surgery.

For best results after surgery, Dr. Coan’s patients are discouraged from applying direct pressure to their fat transfer sites for at least three weeks. For instance, we will teach you a modified way to sit and be comfortable. The recovery process is very important to achieve the augmented buttock results you’re looking for.

Dr. Coan is a double-board-certified plastic surgeon who not only performs many Brazilian butt lift surgeries and butt augmentation but educates and teaches his techniques to other plastic surgeons on how to perform a beautiful gluteal augmentation with outstanding results.

Dr. Coan was recently awarded “Best Plastic Surgeon” in Durham, NC by Durham Magazine for the fifth year in a row, as well as North Carolina’s Top Ten Plastic Surgeons by Vitals. CARE Plastic Surgery in Durham is an award-winning office, and we’re pleased to serve as your cosmetic surgery resource on science-based surgery.

Call us at 919-484-4884. We’re here to answer the questions you have about the Brazilian butt lift or any plastic procedures of the face, breast, or body offered at CARE Plastic Surgery.

For those who prefer to communicate by email, please fill out our Comprehensive BBL Questionnaire, and we’ll be happy to be in touch soon! To view Dr. Coan’s photo gallery of Brazilian butt lift surgeries and buttock augmentation procedures, click here.

Pictures courtesy of Kim K, JLo, Nicki

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