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Gynecomastia Myths- 5 Misconceptions About Male Breast Reduction

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Some men develop enlarged breast tissue. When this occurs, it is known as gynecomastia. Many find the condition embarrassing and avoid talking about it. This can lead to a lot of myths and misunderstanding surrounding this common condition. Today, let’s debunk some of the myths learn the truth about gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Myth #1- Only Women Develop Breasts

Gynecomastia occurs when a man develops excess breast tissue. The term comes from
Greek words meaning female breast. In slang, many people call gynecomastia ‘man boobs’. Men can, and do develop breast tissue.

Gynecomastia Myth #2- Gynecomastia Is Always Caused by Genetics

Gynecomastia is often caused by hormones. Changes to the estrogen or testosterone levels can cause the breast tissue to develop. Young men with gynecomastia should be evaluated for hormonal imbalance as this is one of the most common causes of this condition. Other causes of gynecomastia include:
• Medications- Some antibiotics, heart medicines, heartburn medications, anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants, and other medications
• Drugs and Alcohol- Marijuana, heroin, amphetamines, steroids, and excessive alcohol
• Herbal Products- Tea tree and lavender
• Medical Conditions- Overactive thyroid, kidney disease, etc.
• Weight Gain

Gynecomastia Myth #3- Gynecomastia Always Needs Surgery

Gynecomastia often resolves on its own, no surgery needed. Teenage gynecomastia typically resolves without treatment as the young man grows into adulthood. Gynecomastia caused by medical conditions or medications often resolves by treating the condition or adjusting the medication. If the condition doesn’t go away on its own and you’re unhappy with the appearance of your chest, surgical treatment is available.

Gynecomastia Myth #4- Gynecomastia is Uncommon

Gynecomastia is very common and will affect most men at some point during their lifetime. About 70% of boys will develop some level of gynecomastia during puberty. It is also common during infancy and in older, middle-aged men.

Gynecomastia Myth #5- It Is Difficult to Treat Gynecomastia

You don’t have to endure a lifetime with gynecomastia. It is very treatable, typically with excellent results. If you’ve been unable to resolve your condition with lifestyle, diet, and medical changes, come see us. Male breast reduction surgery can remove your excess breast tissue and restore a flattened appearance to your chest.
We typically use liposuction and/or surgical excision to remove the excess tissue. Liposuction is an excellent option for removing unwanted fat and surgical excision can be used on fibrous tissues. Some men will have excess skin that requires removal. This is typically needed in men that have lost a great deal of weight or that have breasts that are a B cup size or larger. Dr. Coan is an expert in gynecomastia repair.
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