Comprehensive Brazilian Butt Lift BBL Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help us give you as much detailed information about your body type as possible.

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Has your weight fluctuated more than 20 pounds in the past six months?

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How long ago?

By how much weight?

Will you be able to maintain your current weight for the next six months? It’s imperative that you don’t lose weight during this time period

Have you had liposuction done in your intended area before?

Would you be satisfied with 50-75% fat removal from the intended area?

Have you researched other butt augmentation options?

Does your family support this decision?

If no, may we ask why?

What are your expectations of the procedure?

Which body shape do you most identify with?
Pear-shaped: I have a small bust, narrow shoulders, with wider hips, thighs, and butt.Athletic-shaped: I don’t have a defined waistline. I’m straight up and down.Apple-shaped: I have ample bust, a rounded stomach, and slimmer hips.Hourglass-shaped: I have ample bust, curvy hips, and a defined slimmer waist.Slender-shaped: I am very slim with very little curves.Inverted-triangle-shaped: My shoulders are broader than my hips.


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