CARE Plastic Surgery, Dr. Brian S. Coan and Dr. Michael R. Zenn have won numerous awards in Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery as well as special recognition for compassionate medical care and engineering expertise. Both Dr. Coan and Dr. Zenn are board-certifed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and are sought after to share their cosmetic and reconstructive expertise with industry leaders and plastic surgery residents. They have been recognized by plastic surgeons around the world as well as hundreds of patients for their surgical skill, compassion, and plastic surgery knowledge. CARE Plastic Surgery is honored to have been voted “Best of Durham” by readers of Durham Magazine for the past six years. It is the unique combination of surgical excellence and an exceptional patient experience that makes CARE Plastic Surgery a winner. Schedule a consultation today!


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Dr. Coan Featured on The Doctors

When Tevante visited The Doctors just to show off his 200+ pound weight loss, plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Coan removed his excess skin. Wait until you see him now!

Dr. Zenn Featured in the Media

Plastic Surgeons Learn Procedures on YouTube

March 3, 2016 A new survey finds that more than half of plastic surgeons have used YouTube to learn a new technique that they then go on to perform on patients.


New Duke Procedure Brings New Hope for Breast Cancer Survivors

May 27, 2015 According to Duke, only 40 percent of women who had mastectomies are good candidates for getting implants.


Procedure Offers Breast Reconstruction with a Tummy Tuck

May 8, 2008 When it is time for a breast reconstruction, women want something as close as possible to what they had. A new surgical procedure is offering realistic reconstruction and a tummy tuck.


Your Plastic Surgery Questions, Answered

June 18, 2008 Although he “dreads” talking about his profession at cocktail parties, his good replies here will go a long way toward demystifying an industry that generates more its share of noise and nonsense.


Breast Implants as Health Options, Not Cosmetics

November 21, 2007 Last year, the FDA declared them safe – after a 14-year moratorium prompted by health concerns. Now More women want them, and not just for cosmetic reasons.


Older Americans Opting for Plastic Surgery

August 6, 2002 According to the ASPS, more than 60,000 people over the age of 65 had plastic surgery on their faces last year.


Duke Doctor Solves Woman’s Post Weight-Loss Skin Problem

December 20, 2002 Doctors are trying to help solve a problem that many people who have lost a lot of weight say keeps them from being happy with the appearance. The problem is extra skin.


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