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The 411 on Breast Lifts and Breast Reduction

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Breast lifts and breast reductions are on the rise as more and more women are learning about their benefits as alternative methods of breast enhancement. But what’s the difference between the two? Both share a basic idea: removing excess tissue as a form of cosmetic enhancement. Of course, there are important differences, and if you’re choosing between them, it’s good to know what makes each procedure unique.

Breast Reduction

In a world where having breasts on the larger side is often seen as a gift, what would drive someone to get a breast reduction? For some women, overly large breasts can lead to a host of health problems and limited mobility. In fact, studies have shown that a good majority of women ranked their breast reduction results favorably, or were a great deal happier after their breast reduction.

Who Gets Breast Reduction?

Women who get breast reductions often feel back, shoulder, and neck pain from the sheer weight of their breasts. Larger breasts also create painful indentations from bra straps. There’s also the issue of being active: women with overly large breasts often find it difficult to find sports bras strong enough to support them during a workout or strenuous activity. Emotionally, large breasts can make a woman feel too self-conscious, and getting breast reductions are incredibly helpful for helping someone regain their confidence or fit into their clothes better.

Goals for Breast Reduction

A breast reduction is ultimately for reducing the size of the breasts to make them more comfortable for the patient.

Breast Lifts

Ptosis is a more medical term for something that happens to a lot of women because of aging, pregnancy, and breast-feeding: sagging breasts. One of the more efficient ways to create perkier breasts is by removing the excess skin and tissue that leads to sagging and repositioning the breasts.

Who Gets Breast Lifts?

Women who get breast lifts are often looking to restore a youthful, perkier shape to their breasts. Breast lifts are also great for women with tubular breasts who want a rounder shape, or for women who want to reshape overly large areolas. Breast lifts are perfect for women who want a better shape but are generally happy with their breast volume.

Goals for Breast Lifts

Lift and reshape breasts into perkier shapes without reducing the volume of their breasts too much.

So really, the difference between breast lifts and breast reduction are their end goals: reducing volume or reshaping the breasts for a more pleasing aesthetic shape. Of course, there’s a million other things to consider before you decide, so make sure you discuss it with a caring, highly trained plastic surgeon like Dr. Coan of CARE Plastic Surgery. Contact them now, to schedule a consultation.

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