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Posted by CARE Plastic Surgery on Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sunscreen – Our Secret Weapon!

The first day of Spring is March 20th and we couldn’t be more excited! As we begin to thaw from the icy winter, it’s time to prepare our skin for the warmer weather. Whether you’re gardening, lounging by the pool or even driving in your car, your skin is prone to damaging UV rays. The most important product in your beauty bag is your sunscreen. What’s the best defense against premature aging, fine lines and dark spots? SUNSCREEN. With skin cancer now being the most common form of cancer in the United States, it’s time to start getting serious about sun protection.

The Food and Drug Administration recently released new information about the ingredients in common sunscreens – two ingredients in particular: ecamsule and enzacamene. The FDA’s primary concern is the lack of data proving effectiveness and safety of the two ingredients. Mineral sunscreens sit on the surface of the skin and reflect harsh UV rays, whereas chemical sunscreens are absorbed into the body and bloodstream. If scientists aren’t sure of the safety and effectiveness, then what exactly are we allowing to seep into our bloodstream? There is also evidence of ecamsule and enzacamene containing hormone disruptors.


What should you look for in a sunscreen?  Patients at CARE Plastic Surgery are educated to look for:

  1. SPF 15 or higher with broad spectrum UV protection

  2. Mineral ingredients – zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide

  3. Water resistant or waterproof

You should never rely solely on sunscreen. Limit your time in the sun, wear a hat or lighter long sleeves and be sure you are reapplying your sunscreen throughout the day. Dr. Coan highly recommends EltaMD sunscreen.

elta elta2

Their facial sunscreen is one of our best-selling products, and a staff favorite pick! It contains 9.0% zinc oxide and antioxidants that help absorb free radicals. To find out more about the Elta MD line just click here for more information or call 919-484-4884 for one of our helpful patient care coordinators today!

Kim K “Broke the Internet”

If you’ve browsed the internet at all this past week, you’ve probably seen the risqué photos of Kim Kardashian and her famous “asset” on the cover of this winter’s Paper Magazine. Over the years it seems as if her waist has grown inward and her derriere outward, but so has the demand for the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) cosmetic surgery procedure. Many celebrities over the years have been the catalyst for the “BBL boom.” The growing popularity of the coined “BBL” began in 1970’s when patients would have silicone implants surgically placed in their behinds. In recent years, the technique has changed and is ultimately much safer. Plastic surgeons are able to use patient’s own purified fat through liposuction and inject into their buttocks to create more volume and desired shape.
kim-kardashian2jennifer-lopez-hair-highli -1f2625f4-40c0-495e-ba67-29b755c29ea5

How exactly is the Brazilian Butt Lift performed? I sat down with one of CARE Plastic Surgery’s nurses, Nancy, to answer this question and discuss Dr. Brian Coan’s unique fat transfer technique that patients in the Raleigh-Durham area seek. The first step of this multistep procedure is performing liposuction/lipoplasty to remove the available fat from various areas, such as the flanks, abdomen, upper back, upper arms or thighs. During your consultation at CARE Plastic Surgery you can discuss with Dr. Coan your own areas of concern. Liposuction not only removes the fat, but adds contour to your body to enhance your shape. The fat is purified through centrifugation – I won’t get into the nitty-gritty science aspect of this, let’s leave that to the professionals! The filtered fat is then re-injected and fanned into the buttocks and sculpted in the gluteal area by Dr. Coan. The volume, shape and contour is determined by the aesthetic goals set at your consultation with Dr. Coan, as well as procedural safety assessed by him during the surgery. For best results after surgery, Dr. Coan’s patients are discouraged from applying direct pressure to your fat transfer sites for at least three weeks. For instance, we will teach you a modified way to sit and be comfortable. The recovery process is very important to achieve the augmented buttock results you’re looking for.

Dr. Coan is a double board certified plastic surgeon who not only performs many Brazilian butt lift surgeries and butt augmentation, but educates and teaches his techniques to other plastic surgeons on how to perform a beautiful gluteal augmentation with outstanding results. Dr. Coan was recently awarded “Best Plastic Surgeon” in Durham, NC by Durham Magazine for the fifth year in a row, as well as North Carolina’s Top Ten Plastic Surgeons by Vitals.  CARE Plastic Surgery in Durham is an award-winning office and we’re pleased to serve as your cosmetic surgery resource on science-based surgery.  Call us at 919-484-4884 and we’re here to help answer the questions you have about the Brazilian Butt Lift or any plastic procedures of the face, breast or body offered at CARE Plastic Surgery.  For those who prefer to communicate by email, please fill out our Comprehensive BBL Questionnaire below and we’ll be happy to be in touch soon!  To view Dr. Coan’s photo gallery of Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries and Buttock Augmentation Procedures click here.

Pictures courtesy of: Kim K, JLo, Nicki

TEOXANE – Skincare’s Newest Happily Ever After

Once upon a time in the faraway land of Geneva, Switzerland there reigned a skincare queen. For ages and ages she worked in her laboratory concocting all kinds of creations with the magical ingredient hyaluronic acid. One momentous morning she formulated the perfect injectable gel and deemed it Juvéderm. But the queen thought there should be more choices in her skincare kingdom, and kept working diligently. Soon after the creation of Juvéderm, TEOXANE rose like a phoenix out of the ashes.


TEOXANE RHA (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) Serum is an enchanted “filler in a bottle”, the most innovative in all the land! Not only did the queen create this serum to hydrate your skin, but no other topical product helps replenish your body’s own hyaluronic acid, just ask the Magic Mirror! It complements filler treatments, such as Juvéderm which also contains Hyaluronic Acid, and can be used on any skin type. Paired with your Botox and filler regimen, TEOXANE is the ultimate fairytale ending, locking in moisture, and yielding ultimate rejuvenation. Tinkerbell won’t be the only one glowing! Call on our office to assist you with enhancing your skincare routine. You may search high and low in other kingdoms, but you won’t find another skincare product like TEOXANE.

rha-serum_0  deep-repair-balm_0advanced_filler-mixte_1

CARE Plastic Surgery is one of the only offices in the Research Triangle kingdom to carry TEOXANE products. Stop in today for your royal treatment.

What our CARE queens have to say about TEOXANE:

Tica – “I love how easy the application is, I can wear it as a moisturizer and a primer!”
Kristina – “I love how it instantly locks in moisture! My face feels fresh all day long!”
Jamie – “I love how smooth the application is!”
Nancy – “Resilient Hyaluronic Acid contains components that are steadily released for an advanced response to the noticeable signs of aging.”

Our Cups Runneth Over with Breast Augmentation News at CARE!


Happy October Ladies!

It’s the PERFECT time to consider breast augmentation with Dr. Brian Coan & CARE! We have compelling hot-off-the-presses news about Mentor’s upgraded warranty. Mentor is one of our preferred implant providers at CARE and they have just raised the bar & released the most comprehensive warranty in the industry! Did you know that Mentor offers lifetime replacement on silicone gel implants? This is one of the reasons our patients prefer silicone gel over saline. Please see the news release here for details.


Please see the news release here for details.

Even more exciting is the fact that breast augmentation is AFFORDABLE! For as low as $199 a month (or $6.50 a day!) you can have the perfect breasts you’ve been dreaming about. We are pleased to offer financing with Alphaeon Credit. This new patient financing solution offers a wide array of payment plans, including a new Budget Pay Plan which allows lower monthly payments with no time limit to pay in full.


The CARE team is gearing up for our very busy holiday season! We’d love to help you show off your new cleavage in that perfect party dress on New Year’s Eve. Please call me at 919-484-4884 and I’ll give you the 411 on breast augmentation specials at CARE!

Patient Care Coordinator

CARE Plastic Surgery Voted Durham Magazine’s Platinum Best! 5th Year in a Row!

It’s time for our big and exciting announcement that we’ve had to keep secret for months now.

Durham Magazine'sDurham magazine has announced that CARE Plastic Surgery and the office of Dr. Brian Coan won best of Durham in the highest category, AGAIN for our 5th year in a row.  CARE is Durham’s Platinum Best!

Thanks to everyone who all worked extra hard this year to help make the award happen.

This award is a reflection of our elite clinical and OR team and our platinum-quality surgical results – however, we only have surgical patients if we also have platinum-quality people answering calls, always smiling, scheduling appointments, organizing surgeries, managing patient and office safety, offering top quality, results-based therapies at fair /competitive prices and implementing and following best business practices.

Every step that leads to the plastic surgery in our Triangle, NC office is a reflection of CARE, from a simple greeting to someone stopping in. We especially appreciate hearing from our ecstatic patients like Cathy Casey who exclaims, “Dr. Coan and CARE are my saviors and they changed my life foreverand please use my name!”

nancy 2We cannot say enough to our staff for truly working as a team. . .Nancy our plastic surgery nurse in clinic and the operating room, balancing everything from patient safety, office safety, and always with a smile and an extraordinary professional, can-do attitude. . . Jamie working on database management directly with Dr. C and also serving as PCC for our insurance patients who truly bond with her southern charm. kgKristina’s always on top of fine-tuning details not just with our clients, but also with any writing that goes out to reflect our message in the most positive way possible and always with class. . .JJ at the front desk who has jumped right in and has shown us not to confuse her sweet smile for her love of gross anatomy and surgery – plus her extraordinary patience.

Coat 7Most of all we are so grateful for our wonderful and amazing patients. Without you CARE would not exist. Our patients are kind and generous. We are always surprised with cupcakes, flowers, and lavish gift baskets with tears of gratitude for how they feel.  Our patients even go out of their way to send ideas or just pick up the phone and make suggestions that give us HONEST feedback – we are truly grateful for your advice, guidance and support.

Thank you Durham Magazine!  We are truly blessed and grateful.

AND as a BIG THANK YOU we are celebrating 5 years over with an upcoming party and some AMAZING SPECIALS…so please hop on over to Facebook, click LIKE and be the first to hear about what we are up to for YOU!

Wishing you all the very best,
Tica Lema, Dr. Brian Coan and Everyone at CARE Plastic Surgery
Dr. Brian Coan, Care Plastic Surgery

The Latest News on Breast Implants


Breast Implant News:  Durham, NC

We’ve all heard of shortages of water and food, but in Venezuela an unpopular shortage is causing women to pay a premium for changing their body shape. According to a recent CNN article, the latest breast implant shortage in the tropical South American country is causing women to pay nearly quadruple the price of implants in the USA (the costs are associated for the implants alone and do not include fees for the plastic surgery procedure and anesthesia).  For Venezuelan women considering breast augmentation surgery or breast enhancement and rejuvenation after cancer, the choices are narrowing due to governmental financial controls. The article mentions that governmental currency controls have become more and more constricted, making it a challenge to purchase the much favored, yet more expensive implants from the United States.

To read the Article on CNN click here


At CARE Plastic Surgery:

The breast implants offered by Dr. Brian Coan at CARE Plastic Surgery in the Triangle area of North Carolina offer a lifetime replacement warranty and are manufactured in the United States (which is the preferred manufacturing location for Venezuelan Plastic Surgeons). CARE’s innovative “rapid recovery” breast augmentation procedure allows most patients to be back to work within several days. Patients should expect some swelling and soreness after the procedure, but generally subsides within days. “Everyone wants to get back to their lives quickly. Our patients are busy moms, business women, doctors, lawyers, teachers and artists.” Many patients of CARE comment how they enjoy going to dinner the same night of the procedure and are often surprised at the quickness of their recovery.

About Brian S. Coan, MD

A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering for undergraduate and University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, Dr. Coan completed a general surgery residency at the University of Texas Southwestern in Houston, TX.  He completed a plastic surgery residency at Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, North Carolina.  Dr. Coan is dually board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.

Located at 6216 Fayetteville Rd. Suite 103 in Durham, NC
CARE Plastic Surgery can be reached at (919)484-4884 or online at
The CARE Plastic Surgery Facebook page link is


What Plastic Surgery is Really About for Our Patients

Care Plastic SurgeryThe truth is our patients are everyday working men and women, moms, dads, seniors, and even military.  Usually our patients in come in to see us with very emotional stories and, in many cases, they are seeking improvement to their image in order to feel better. But, the truth here is they are not vain, they are not looking to look like Barbie or Ken. They are looking for improvements that help them feel more confident about their physical appearance.
I’m not sure if it was the media, movies or celebrities that brought on such a vain perception of plastic surgery or maybe it’s just the name itself, but there is nothing plastic about our patients. They are real, genuine, strong, courageous and amazing people who want to enhance their lives and that is what CARE is all about.

Now let’s talk some facts and learn more what our patients are really about.
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were over 14.6 million cosmetic procedures preformed in 2012. As one of the fastest growing industries over the last decade, it is no surprise that the idea of plastic surgery is met with a mix of emotions from society. For years, a stigma has been placed over the plastic surgery community that, just because it is coined ‘cosmetic’ instead of essential, it is not something a patient has to undergo, but they choose to. Here at CARE Plastic Surgery, we have met and helped countless patients and have seen a broad spectrum of reasons for coming in to our care. This is why, today, we want to talk about what plastic surgery is really about for our patients.

Why Do People Seek Plastic Surgery

In a society so focused on the exterior self, we speak with many patients every week who express a lack of confidence or insecurity about a part of their body that has followed them around their entire lives.

Take for example, our patient, *M.G. After undergoing gastric bypass surgery nearly a decade before, M.G. was looking forward to her tummy tuck and breast augmentation procedures. She didn’t want to turn back the hands of time; she simply wanted to become a better version of herself. When it was complete, this is what she had to say.

To be able to say the word woman and truly feel like a woman brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart… I look in the mirror, even though I haven’t healed all the way from my tummy tuck and breast augmentation and think is that really me in that mirror? Yes it is! Your skill’s have totally changed how see myself physically and emotionally. I can even look people in the eye and not shy away. God made me a female but now I look and feel like a woman.”

For M.G., and for so many others like her, plastic surgery meant being able to show the world her inner beauty through a newfound confidence and appreciation of her body. For some of our patients, they’ve come to us after overcoming traumatic accidents, obstacles, or disease that have left their body scarred and different from before. This is what plastic surgery was really about for our patient *S.

“As woman, it is and was beyond my comprehension that I could look in a mirror and see no scars. To put a bikini on and feel confident, to put clothes on and look better than before surgery was beyond my expectations. To see my husband still look at me and not remember the surgery or drains is incredible. And to then become pregnant with no major healthy risk to myself or our child is truly a blessing.”

Whether a patient comes in for a Botox® injection or a Mommy Makeover, our team is confident in one thing; that we are helping women and men find the confidence in themselves to face the world without insecurity, shame, or fear.

If you are considering either a non-invasive or surgical procedure, please give our team at CARE a call at 919.484.4884 to setup a consultation with Dr. Coan. 

Dr. Coan and our staff are well known for being compassionate, trustworthy and taking our time with our patients and that is exactly why we call our practice CARE…because we mean it.

CARE Plastic Surgery
Dr. Brian Coan & Staff

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Everything You Need to Know About Botox


Botox is the most popular, FDA-approved cosmetic procedure in America. As a non-invasive treatment that has been around for almost four decades, Botox is known for its safety, as well as its extremely high rate of satisfaction in clients. With over 6.3 million Botox injections done every year, our team here at CARE Plastic Surgery in the Triangle region of North Carolina decided it was time to share with you everything you need to know about Botox and it’s cosmetic uses.

What is Botox?

Botox is a purified protein produced by a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum, which decreases muscle contraction in the face that causes those pesky lines and wrinkles that develop with time. This procedure is non-invasive and is a great way for both men and women to invest in their appearance – offering a more refreshed and youthful look.

How Was Botox Invented?

Botox was invented almost forty years ago, but it was initially created for Ophthalmology purposes to help combat spasms of the eyelid that cause rapid and uncontrollable blinking. As an accidental discovery, Ophthalmologists also noticed that the wrinkles around their patient’s eyes were diminishing as well. From there, the FDA approved the injection for therapeutic reasons, and finally, the aesthetic purposes we see it used for today!

How safe is Botox?

Botox is the most researched and studied FDA-approved and non-invasive cosmetic procedure. While this injection is incredibly safe, you will want to do some research to find a provider that has years of experience applying Botox, has a good reputation, is Board certified, and up-to-date on their credentials. By doing this, you can ensure that you get the best results possible for you.

How is a Botox Treatment Preformed?

Botox is a few small injections by needle, directly to the area you want to see changes in. Because it is a needle injection, you may feel a slight pinching sensation that has been described as a feeling similar to getting tweezed. If you are someone who is extremely sensitive to pain, there are topical numbing creams available.

Where Can I Get Botox on My Body?

Botox is typically used to fight brow lines, forehead wrinkles, and lateral canthal lines (more commonly known as crow’s feet) around the eyes. However, there are some instances where it is also used to help control or combat excessive sweating in the armpits.

What is the Downtime with Botox?

Botox is often called the drive-thru treatment because it requires little time away from work or home. In fact, many patients have the procedure done during a lunch hour and are able get back to work without a problem. Most patients notice an improvement within a few days in moderate to severe frown lines between the brows. Often the treatment will last 3-4 months and results vary.

Does Botox Have Side Effects?

Like every drug, Botox too has its side effects. However, these side effects tend to be very rare (especially with experienced providers) and are minor and temporary. In one to five percent of cases, there can be slight bruising, or droopiness of the eyelid or eyebrow can occur, both of which usually go away within two week’s time.

What Are Some Signs of a Good Provider for my Botox?

Beyond being experienced, board certified, and up-to-date on their credentials, you will want to look for providers that are genuine about their practice and care about your needs and questions.  As you meet with a variety of providers notice if they are they asking questions about your medical history? Are they offering you a mirror and asking you to show where you would like to see changes? Are they answering all of your questions without hesitation or evasive behavior? These are all signs of a good provider to consider moving forward with.

What are the Costs of Botox?

Unfortunately, cosmetic procedures are not paid for by medical insurance. However, at CARE, our patients are offered several different financing options, including; Care Credit, Aphaeon Credit and Medical Financing. Our plans range from as few as 6 months, to 60 months, and beyond. To learn more about our particular plans and pricing packages, please visit our website.


Have you been considering Botox for those pesky forehead wrinkles or crow’s feet? Schedule a complimentary facial consultation with Dr. Coan today! Dr. Coan will help determine if Botox is the right procedure for you, call us at 919.484.4884.

CARE Plastic Surgery

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Lush Lashes to Lust Over!

If you’re like me and crave a lush dark lashes, there’s a product I’ve come to love and learned about from working in a plastic surgery office.

Being a fair-skinned blonde, I find myself piling on the mascara to emphasize my lashes and make my blue eyes POP! I’ve experimented with all different types and colors searching for the lushest lashes.

Although this typically works, it’s hard on my lashes (and my bank account) and removing the mascara and eye makeup at night is quite the task. Since I’ve found Latisse, I’m using less mascara and receiving more compliments!


Latisse is a prescription that Dr. Brian Coan here at CARE Plastic Surgery in Durham can write for you, and the application is so easy! The bottle says you will start to see results at 12 weeks, but in my case I actually saw results after ­­­­­­­­­­6 weeks! And the more you use Latisse, the thicker and longer your luscious lashes will be!

Before bedtime, use just one drop of Latisse on the applicator brush and apply on your lash line from the outside to inside of both eyes. What seems to work for me is first washing my face with my Clarisonic and a gentle cleanser. Be sure not to use an oil-based cleanser (as this will create a barrier). I really love Luzern’s Pure Cleansing Gel, it’s gentle, organic and smells amazing! Then I pat my face dry before applying the Latisse to my lash line. Be sure you use Latisse every night for at least several weeks.

After several weeks, in my case after 6 weeks,  I reduced my usage down to applying 4 times per week or every other day. I have a few friends that have said they applied it only 3 times per week. It really depends on your schedule and how fast you want to see results!

This is a picture of my lashes with mascara after using Latisse! My favorite mascara is ‘­­­­­­­­­Benefit They’re REAL! Mascara’. Let me know what you think and what mascara YOU love!


Here’s even more exciting news! Right now at CARE, we have a 5mL of Latisse (that will last at least 6 months) for $199 and with your purchase you will receive 10 units of Botox FREE! Also, because Latisse is an Allergan product, you will receive Brilliant Distinction points.

Call us at CARE Plastic Surgery today at (919) 484-4884 and I’ll be happy to help you out!