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The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose an Excellent Plastic Surgeon

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There is no doubt that there are a plethora of benefits, both physically and emotionally, that plastic surgery offers countless patients year after year. However, there are still risks to take into account with every procedure. While many patients know some of these risks before beginning their search for a plastic surgeon, most don’t know that choosing a bad or inexperienced surgeon can exponentially heighten these risks. That is why our experienced professionals at CARE Plastic Surgery have put together this ultimate guide on how to choose a good plastic surgeon.

I Want Plastic Surgery, But Where Do I Begin?

Start by doing a simple search on plastic surgeons in your area. Do they have a social presence, and are they regularly putting out professional and informational information about plastic surgery? Check reviews and get testimonials from people who have actually gone to each particular surgeon – you would be surprised what you can learn from the candid and honest reviews of your peers.

Board Certification: It REALLY Is Important

You will also want to make sure your surgeon is board-certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). The reason for this is that members of the ABPS must always be up-to-date with the latest technologies and procedures. Click here to find out if a surgeon you are researching is certified.

Does the Surgeon Have ASAPS Membership?

Being an ASAPS member not only means that the particular surgeon is certified, but they also have years of experience in their particular industry. This membership is by invitation only, so it can often be a great indicator of a good choice of physicians.

Is the Facility Accredited?

While many cosmetic procedures are invasive surgeries that require medical-grade attention, you will find that many plastic surgeons operate out of their own clinics versus a hospital or surgicenter. It is important to make sure that their particular facility is accredited. This ensures they have the same level of safety records as that of a hospital setting.

Don’t Forget to Compare Costs

There is a fine balance you have to consider when comparing costs for a plastic surgeon. On the one hand, being that this is your body, it isn’t the time to cut corners and begin bargain hunting. On the other hand, however, just because you’ve found the most expensive doctor doesn’t necessarily mean you will be receiving the best treatment.

While we know that pricing is a factor, there are many other factors to explore to narrow down your choice. 

Does the Surgeon Have Hospital Privileges?

So you have narrowed down your surgeon choices to a handful – each one is accredited, they have comparable costs, and they are certified – but have you checked into their hospital privileges? Even if the surgeon you choose performs their procedures at an outpatient clinic, it is good to know where they have hospital privileges because that means the hospital has done a background check on them. If the surgeon does not have hospital privileges, that should be a red flag for you.

Will Follow-Up Care be Offered or Provided?

A good plastic surgeon does not stop caring for the patient once the procedure is over. Ask all physicians you are considering what their follow-up visits look like as well as their policies on surgical revisions, should that be necessary.

Quick Questions to Ask at Your Consultation

We want to make sure that you are thorough and ask every question you can to better prepare yourself for your procedure. Here is a quick list of questions you can ask yourself and your potential surgeon at your consultation:

  1. What is the surgeon’s area of expertise?
  2. Does the surgeon have significant experience?
  3. Has the physician performed many of these procedures?
  4. What is the surgeon’s demeanor towards you? Are they confident yet still compassionate and friendly?
  5. Is the surgeon certified with the appropriate accreditations for the facility, his/her anesthesiologist, and equipment and monitoring devices?
  6. Bottom line, with everything laid out, what is the total price of the surgery?
  7. Is the surgeon open about the results of past procedures – do they provide testimonials and before and after shots for you to review?
  8. Does the surgeon encourage your questions and offer straightforward and realistic answers?
  9. Have all of your ‘what-if’ questions been answered? (If a second surgery is necessary, what happens? If the procedure goes wrong, what happens? etc.)

Do you have any additional questions that were not covered in this guide that you would like answered before you begin your search for a plastic surgeon? You can either list them in the comment box below or give us a call at CARE Plastic Surgery at 919.484.4884.

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