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The Benefits of Morpheus8 Microneedling

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If you are interested in med spa skincare treatments, you have probably heard of microneedling. This treatment is also referred to as “collagen induction therapy” because it works to stimulate new collagen for a more youthful and rejuvenated look. Morpheus8 microneedling is an advanced option that offers many benefits and excellent results. Continue reading to learn more about Morpheus8.

How Does Morpheus8 Microneedling Work?

Morpheus8 combines radiofrequency energy with microneedling for enhanced results in tightening and rejuvenating the skin. The device uses 24 coated microneedling pins to create controlled micro-injuries in the skin. At the same time, radiofrequency energy reaches deeper layers of the skin than the needles can reach. This works to contract connective tissues and stimulate the production of collagen and healthy new skin cells.

Why is Morpheus8 Microneedling So Effective?

Many microneedling devices are available to stimulate new skin cell growth and rejuvenate the skin. However, Morpheus8 is more effective than these options because of the combination of microneedles and radiofrequency energy. By combining these techniques, Morpheus8 affects deeper layers of the skin, penetrating deeply through the skin’s surface to contour and tighten. The results are enhanced rejuvenation and a smooth, healthy, and youthful look.

Best Treatment Areas for Morpheus8

The most common treatment areas for Morpheus8 microneedling are along the jawline to target jowls or just below the neck to reduce a crepey appearance or “turkey neck.” However, your CARE Plastic Surgery technician may also recommend Morpheus8 for a variety of areas that have sagging or drooping skin, fine lines and wrinkles, or other issues. Morpheus8 treatment is most common in the face and neck areas, but it can be beneficial through the decolletage or even areas like the arms and abdomen. Morpheus8 treatment can improve:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loose and sagging skin
  • Acne scars or other scarring
  • Stretch marks

The Morpheus8 Procedure

Before your Morpheus8 treatment, your technician will review your medical history and examine the treatment area to make sure you are a good candidate.

The Morpheus8 treatment can be completed very quickly, with most procedures taking just 30 minutes. Your technician will apply numbing cream to the treatment area to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Then, the Morpheus8 handpiece is applied to the skin, allowing its 24 coated pins to penetrate the skin’s surface and administer radiofrequency.

In most cases, patients will have at least three Morpheus8 treatment sessions to achieve their ideal results. These sessions should be spaced 4-6 weeks apart to allow the skin to heal. One of the many benefits of Morpheus8 treatment is that no downtime is required. However, you can expect some redness, mild swelling, and sensitivity for about 3-4 days after each treatment session. Your results will continue to improve for several weeks as new collagen forms. When your skin heals, you will notice a smoother, more even, and more youthful look.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about Morpheus8 and find out whether you are a candidate, schedule a consultation at CARE Plastic Surgery in Cary, NC. Call our office at (919) 335-9298 or contact us online.

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