Breast Augmentation Case 3

Breast Augmentation

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“Bye Bye Breast Asymmetries!”

This 31 year old came to CARE Plastic Surgery and Dr. Coan interested in a “fairly natural” breast augmentation but desired some upper pole fullness. She had thought about breast augmentation surgery for over 15 years and decided the time was now.  She ideally wanted an increase in her breast size but stated “I do not want my breasts to be the focal point.” After Dr. Coan’s evaluation, he determined she was an excellent candidate for the Natrelle 410 Form Stable breast implants. She was so excited to have this procedure done, finally! Dr. Coan was able to improve her slight asymmetry by using two slightly different implant sizes and shapes. After surgery, she is so cheerful. She informed Dr. Coan she has gone from a barely A cup to a full C cup and loves how natural they appear.