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I can see why they call it “CARE,” because they really do. From the person I spoke with on the phone, to the doctors and the nurses–everyone was incredibly helpful.

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10 Things To Know About A Mommy Makeover

Whether you’re looking into plastic surgery procedures to help correct aesthetic issues after pregnancy and childbirth, extreme weight loss, or another reason, a mommy makeover can be an excellent way to save on total recovery time as well as the cost of multiple procedures. As you start figuring out what exactly you want from this […] - Read More >>

What to expect from your first lip filler treatment

Lip fillers are becoming more and more popular these days, and celebrities and everyday people alike are starting to be more open about having them done. Lip fillers are a simple, non-surgical way to temporarily enhance your lips, making them look fuller and plumper. You can even choose lip filler to make your lips look […] - Read More >>

All You Need To Know About the InMode Laser Platform

As new techniques and technologies are introduced to the plastic surgery market, lasers have become an increasingly popular treatment option. That’s because lasers help reduce the need for extensive surgery. They can also be used in combination with traditional surgery to boost results. Lasers have many uses; they can treat skin conditions such as acne, […] - Read More >>

Our Med Spa: Injectables

Injectable products like Botox and Juvéderm have become household names, and nearly everyone knows someone who has tried them before. If you are curious about trying injectables for yourself, you probably have some common questions about the products and procedure. Here are some of the basics behind injectables. How Do Injectables Work? There are two […] - Read More >>

Juvederm: Cost, Side Effects, and What to Expect

Injectables are an incredibly popular way to achieve subtle yet noticeable enhancements to your appearance without the need for invasive surgery. Among the most-often requested treatments at CARE Plastic Surgery is Juvederm injections for correcting moderate to severe nasolabial lines. Dr. Coan always appreciates when patients are well-informed prior to non-surgical treatments, so we want […] - Read More >>

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