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Breast Lift and Breast Implants: Is This Two-Part Procedure for Me?

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Our breasts can change in so many ways over time: sagging, loss of volume, and even flattening. Sometimes, it seems like there are not enough procedures to get them back the way they were, but by combining a couple of key procedures, it’s possible to get maximum breast rejuvenation all in one step. One such treatment is the combined breast lift and breast implants. It’s the perfect way to target a wide range of issues.

First Off: What’s a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is perfect for restoring perkiness and lift to breasts that have sagged and drooped. The procedure is done by removing excess skin, rearranging breast tissue to reshape the breast, and repositioning the nipple.

What Are Breast Implants Good For?

Implants shape the breasts beautifully while increasing volume. Implants come in different shapes and sizes and are highly customizable depending on what look the woman wants. Thanks to the development in breast augmentation technology, breast implants are made to move and feel like natural breast tissue.

Why Combine Both?

When women age, gravity starts to take its toll on the breasts. The breasts’ skin loses elasticity while breast tissue and muscle start to droop. Some younger women have large breasts that start to droop because of the constant weight. Others are just genetically predisposed to have pendulous breasts. For women who underwent pregnancy and nursing, the breasts start to stretch out because lactation causes an increase in volume. However, once that’s done, the breast tissue starts to shrink, but the skin is still stretched out, leading to sagging breasts that have lost volume.

Breast lifts and implants are not only perfect for reversing drooping breasts and creating lift, but they can also restore volume and firmness. With this two-punch procedure, a woman will never have to choose between rejuvenation and breast enhancement.

What is the Procedure Like?

Other than the amazing results, the combined procedures are perfect because the recovery time is much faster than if you had them separately. The breast lift and the insertion of implants can actually be completed at the same time, so your recovery will be similar to what you would expect if you only had one procedure.

The breast lift with implants is a major procedure that creates major improvements. You want to entrust it to the skilled, compassionate team at CARE Plastic Surgery. Contact Dr. Coan for a consultation today.

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