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Why Botox® at CARE is Your Best Choice

With A Warm, Caring Staff and Stunningly Natural Results,
Our Approach to Surgery is Anything but Plastic

In the aesthetic world, Botox® remains a popular choice for combating signs of aging. However, recent news about counterfeit Botox® injections has raised concerns about safety. At CARE Plastic Surgery in Cary, NC, we offer a solution: authentic Botox® injections administered by experienced professionals.

Authenticity and Safety First

With the rise in popularity of cosmetic procedures, unfortunately, comes the rise of counterfeit products flooding the market. The recent news about counterfeit Botox® serves as a stark reminder of the importance of choosing a reputable and trustworthy provider. At CARE Plastic Surgery, we prioritize your safety above all else. Our commitment to using only genuine Botox® Cosmetic brand neurotoxin ensures that you receive a product that is rigorously tested and FDA-approved, giving you peace of mind with every injection.

Expertise You Can Trust

Led by double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Coan, our highly skilled aesthetic nurse injector Kim, FNP-C, has advanced training as a Nurse Practitioner and has been a member of our CARE team for over 5 years. She has years of experience in aesthetic injecting, even treating Dr. Coan! Their expertise ensures precise, natural-looking results tailored to your unique facial anatomy.

Allergan Exclusive Practice

As an Allergan exclusive practice, we exclusively use Botox® Cosmetic brand neurotoxin for all our Botox® treatments. This exclusive partnership with Allergan demonstrates our unwavering dedication to providing our patients with the highest quality products available on the market. By choosing CARE Plastic Surgery, you’re not just choosing Botox®; you’re choosing a brand that is trusted by millions worldwide and backed by decades of research and innovation.

Your Path to Timeless Beauty Starts Here

In a world where authenticity and quality are of the utmost importance, CARE Plastic Surgery stands out as a beacon of trust and excellence. With our unwavering commitment to safety, expertise, and genuine products, we ensure that your journey to timeless beauty is not just a dream but a reality.

Don’t let counterfeit concerns deter you from achieving the rejuvenated appearance you desire. Experience the CARE difference today and discover why our Botox® treatments are the gold standard in Cary, NC, and beyond. Schedule your consultation with us and take the first step towards a more confident and vibrant you.

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