Feel Confident

Dr. Coan –
A mere thank you cannot begin to express how truly grateful we are. As my year anniversary arrives this Saturday, we are reminded of the journey that began last August. As woman, it is and was beyond my comprehension that I could look in a mirror and see no scars. To put a bikini on and feel confident, to put clothes on and look better than before surgery was beyond my expectations. To see my husband still look at me and not remember the surgery or drains is incredible. And to then become pregnant with no major healthy risk to myself or our child is truly a blessing. You have truly helped change our lives for the better. We are so humbled and blessed. It was such a joy to work with you and your staff. Not only are you an extremely gifted surgeon but also a kind and comforting man.
We wish you and Tica the best as you being your Family.
S & J


Care Plastic Surgery 6:02 pm