The Experienced Changed My Life

Dear Dr. Coan,

In looking for a plastic surgeon, I didn’t know how fortunate I would be. I was looking for a surgeon who specializes in people who had lost weight through gastric bypass. I had my gastric bypass in 2002. I knew at some point I would want to have a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. When the time was right for me, July of 2011, I started my search for a specialist. I knew I didn’t want to look like a 25 year old. I just wanted a better me. I came across your website. Little did I know that I would find you on the first try!

The moment I walked into your office I felt at ease. From your receptionist to your office manager, nurses and your personal assistants, all of you have helped me go through this journey in such a fabulous way.

When I went to my family doctor, I informed her what I was about to do. When she found out it was you, Dr. Coan, she was happy about my decision and she recommended you highly. I knew with her endorsement I was on the right track. Even without her opinion, I had confidence in your professionalism, and your knowledge of you being the right surgeon. The way you made me feel comfortable as we looked at what needed to be done, to the way you answered my questions.

This experience has changed my life. You have changed my life. You are truly an artist. You answered ALL my questions even the most personal ones, which can be embarrassing for a woman. Especially the one that was hardest to ask. When can I have sex? I could blame it on the pain killers, but what for, I wanted to know my limitations. Really that’s all it was.

To be able to say the word woman and truly feel like a woman brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart. I am truly amazed at your work. I look in the mirror, even though I haven’t healed all the way from my tummy tuck and then my breast augmentation and think, “Is that really me in that mirror? Yes it is!” Your skills have totally changed how I see myself physically and emotionally. I can even look people in the eye and not shy away.

God made me a female but now I look and feel like a woman. Thank you, Dr. Coan. I am glad I found you on this journey. I can now step out in confidence and see the world in a new way. Watch out world I am on my way!

A heartfelt Thanks,

Care Plastic Surgery 6:35 pm