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Spring into Spring with a Breast Lift

Spring into Spring with a Breast Lift

Do you have sagging breasts? Breast sagging is a major complaint amongst women after pregnancy and due to aging. If you have sagging, one of the best solutions is a surgical breast lift. This procedure will remove excess skin and tissue and reposition the breast. Restore a youthful breast appearance with a breast lift (mastopexy). Call and schedule your consultation with our award winning surgeon Dr. Coan.

Why Do Breasts Sag?

The breasts are made up of fatty and glandular tissues. Ligaments provide support to the breasts. The breasts do not contain muscle tissue, except for a small amount around the nipple. As the body ages the skin covering the breasts loses elasticity. During pregnancy the breasts increase in size, stretching the skin. The ligaments supporting the breasts loosen and relax due to gravity and other factors. These changes cause the breasts to sag, the areola to enlarge, and the nipples to point downward. The solution is a surgical breast lift.

Do I Need a Breast Lift?

Breast sagging, or ptosis, can vary substantially from woman to woman. Many factors impact the degree of sagging experienced including smoking, number of pregnancies, bra cup size, body mass index (BMI), genetics, and weight gain/loss. Ptosis is measured using a scale to determine the extent of breast sagging and the best approaches for correcting sagging. During your consultation we’ll examine your breasts, measure any ptosis you’re experiencing, and help you determine if you need a breast lift.

Many women mistakenly believe that breast augmentation can correct breast sagging. If you have sagging, you need a lift. Adding implants to saggy breasts typically leads to bigger, saggy breasts. If you are interested in increasing breast size, we can pair your breast lift with breast augmentation surgery.

What Happens During a Breast Lift?

Your breast lift will be customized to your anatomy and unique needs. Simply put, the procedure removes excess skin, reshapes and elevates the breast mound, and repositions the nipple. Incision placement varies depending on the degree of ptosis. This procedure requires an artistic touch to achieve optimal rejuvenation results. Dr. Coan is one of the top breast surgeons in the area and is well known for his stunning breast lifts.

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